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We know marketing firms. We know that each client and project has a different plan for their specific needs. We also know that there is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes that clients may not know about or understand how much time is really spent on each task.

Organize your team, workload, projects, and tasks lists with a CRM that does it all. We start with a base CRM system that is customized for marketing firms. Then, we integrate features and add automations to give you exactly what your company needs. Improve communication between departments with project comments and keep clients updated with client-facing workspaces. No more searching through hundreds of emails, digging through local files for forms, or not knowing a client’s status. Everything – including your team – is now in one place.


How much time is spent updating clients on the status of their project? Put their minds at ease with a client-facing workspace that they can access anytime, anywhere.


Make collaborating on clients and projects a breeze with project-based communication. Handoffs are seamless among your sales team, project managers, and art department.


Collect and organize data from different events and track cohorts accordingly. Strategize social media and email campaigns by targeting a specific event’s email list.


Automate client on-boarding forms to automatically create a client profile and billing schedule in your general ledger system; when a client makes a payment, it automatically updates your CRM.


Send, sign, edit, and store your documents by integrating a document manager, like PandaDoc, with your CRM. All client paperwork is automatically attached to their client profile. No more searching through local files!


See how an event really pays off by integrating your CRM and KPIs to generate cohort information. Upload event data into your CRM and automatically create cohorts with specialized campaigns to target specific clients.

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Marketing Software Integrations

Love a particular software but need some added features and automations?
We create your perfect system by piecing together the software you love with the features you need.

Improve client experience with

Client Status Communication

Keep your clients in the loop with a client-facing workspace. Here, they can access client-friendly data, so they know exactly what stage their project is in and what is being done. They can also communicate directly through the workspace to leave questions and comments on specific projects, cutting down on unnecessary or excessive emails.

Don’t worry – any confidential information or communication between your team can still be kept private.

Organize Client & Project Data

With marketing projects, there are often several hands simultaneously working on a client’s account. From tracking leads to managing projects, creating artwork, editing copy, and executing campaigns, your employees can get both the full picture of a client’s account and specific project tasks lists and detailed information. It starts with a client profile; then, you can add on action items, or projects, as well as break down each project with task lists and assignments.

Employees can leave comments and attach files to tasks or action items; all communication regarding a specific client can now be contained within their profile. This means no more excessive emails, missing information, or digging through local files to find an attachment.

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Improve employee and client communication once and for all.
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The main goal of our onboarding call is to determine which features best suit your business. We’ll go over workflow, employee roles, and goals.


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We recommend allowing for two weeks of employee training and implementation. We will be available if you have any questions.