You Get What You Pay For

With software development, you get what you pay for. Trust us, we’ve learned that lesson the hard way. It may be tempting to use the cheapest (or free) tools, but keep in mind that everything has a price one way or another. If something is free but takes up more of your valuable time, how much is it really? Keep in mind your hourly rate; would it be cheaper to hire out development so that you can spend more time on your business? Use the best automation tools you can afford. Here is our list of the different financial levels of development, starting with the cheapest.

Podio Workflows

Everyone gets this tool. It includes basic automations and can be used for small, simple workflows.


Globiflow is availableĀ if you have 5+ employees and the premium plan in Podio. It is also available to users starting at $9 per month. Features include a workflow builder, data triggers, PDF generator, email functionality, and more.

Custom Development by Consultants

Here’s where we come in. If you have a larger organization, a complex workflow, or need several automations, a custom developer is the way to go. Make sure your firm is an approved Podio Partner and has several years experience with the platform. Also make sure to check reviews on the company; bad customer service can end up costing thousands in the long run. Let us know if you’re interested in custom automations and we’d be happy to help.

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