Do Small Creative Agencies Need Project Management Software? | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The burgeoning freelance and gig economy is changing how we work, where we work, and even how we do business when we’re staying within the confines of tradition. Rather than large, sprawling creative departments, many businesses are shifting to smaller and more intimate creative teams. Results show that this is a generally positive thing; more...
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Latest News on Podio's Calculation Field Delays | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Podio calculation fields can be used to take the platform to the next level. These field types are not just simple math; they allow an experienced user to use a simplified version of JavaScript to all kinds of things. They can be utilized like a conditional statement – only pulling the needed information into a...
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The Power of Podio for Workflow Processes | Defined Ventures, Inc.
What is workflow? You may have heard the term ‘workflow’ used in several different applications without knowing exactly what it means. In the realm of project management tools, workflow refers to the steps that your business takes as a project moves through the process. From client acquisition to the final stage (and beyond), it’s important...
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Why Businesses Are Making The Switch To SaaS | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The term SaaS (software as a service) has emerged in recent years as synonymous with software. Traditionally, since the eighties, software was available as a hard copy, first disc and then to CD. The hard copy was then downloaded into your computer, and that was that. No updates, no added features. If you wanted the...
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Cloud Based | DVI360
In the past few years there has been a shift in the software industry to cloud based business management software. The benefits of having a cloud based software are numerous and include easily accessible information, ability to integrate with other systems, and bringing together all departments with one system. Migrating software should not be taken...
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