We Create Customized Business Solutions


How much time is each project costing you? We build reporting features into your system to show you exactly where your team’s time is going.


We make your data clear and easy-to-understand with visualized reports. Integrate all of your systems to one reporting software for professional, clean data reporting.


Someone holding your data hostage?
We streamline your data flows to automatically happen in the background so you can use your data faster.

annual hours saved by automations
platforms integrated
shots of espresso per year


As your organization grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to employ software and workflow solutions that satisfy the needs of all departments. This is where Defined Ventures comes in.

Whether you’re looking to automate workflows and business processes, organize sales leads and reduce duplicate data entry errors, or need customizable project management tools and streamlined internal communications, we identify problems and custom-build software solutions that boost your company’s overall efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.


  • Aaron rocks in the IT and Time Management worlds. And even more so where they intersect. Any service related to the internet, email, software, hardware, and how to make it all work so it creates more time and less frustration is what Aaron excels at!

    David J. Massie
    President DJM Commercial Real Estate, Broker, CPM, RPA
  • Aaron’s guidance and training on ways to improve my efficiency and productivity has been invaluable. After working with him for just a short time I’ve been able to streamline my emails and tasks, saving me an average of 1-2 hours per week. As a small business owner this is gold!

    Carrie Sharpshair
    Manager, Blue Skies, LLC
  • Given his business background, Aaron has the diversity, along with a very significant level of technological expertise, to help any business focus their efforts in making both their business and personal life function at a higher level. He has a terrific and down-to-earth way of cutting through the “noise” to help executives, managers and individuals refocus their efforts so as to become more productive and happy.

    Neil C. Shaw
    President & Founder, Neil Shaw International and The Selling Foundation Investor