Business Management Consulting Services

Overwhelmed? We can fix that.

To-do list getting longer? Never enough time to get everything done? Managing day-to-day operations, projects and communications cause too much stress? We can help. With our business management consulting services and team, you’re in good hands.

At Defined Ventures, our business management consulting services turn the tide for stressed-out companies struggling to implement the right changes. Our top-down approach considers all aspects of your company to develop a robust solution that best addresses your unique needs.

Regardless of your industry, your niche or your approach, we can help you streamline workflow processes, improve efficiency, and boost results.

The business world never stops – not even when you’re struggling to keep up with the tide. Don’t let your company be held back by issues like resource allocation, inventory management, sales tracking, and distribution. Contact us today, and discover how you can become more competitive with easy-to-implement software and solutions.

From Analyzation to Implementation

We design and build your ideal system from start to finish.

At Defined Ventures, we know a cookie cutter approach rarely works for everyone. Unique needs and goals drive unique demands for software, giving rise to the need for customized platforms. That’s exactly why we start implementation with information-gathering sessions. As we learn more about you, your business, and your business’s goals, we can better identify opportunities to relieve stress and streamline workflows for better efficiency. We become your business partner in higher productivity, improved fluidity, and fewer bottlenecks along the way.

We know business technology is a fast-paced, intricate, and highly complex world with thousands of software tools, developers, and customizable options; thus, we believe each company is unique and deserves a custom approach. Luckily, our business analysis consulting advisory team works hard to help companies navigate change, improve their operations, grow their business, and deliver value to their customers.

By conducting a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your company’s strategy and performance, we effectively gather data and insights that offer sustainable strategies to help you innovate and grow business, while reducing costs and managing talent wisely. Our team will also help you develop the agility and creativity necessary to respond to your industry’s rapidly changing landscape.

Through this process, you and your company will gain unique, value-added solutions based on industry and technical knowledge from collective experience across Defined Ventures.

How can your business get ahead while remaining productive and managing day-to-day responsibilities?

What type of system and features are best-suited for managing, growing and sustaining your business?

What are the essentials of growth, and what tools does your business need to succeed?

Struggling to answer these questions? Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? Don’t struggle through implementation of software or customization alone. Our experts have years of experience in analyzing and cross-matching platforms to clients.

Whether it’s recreating your current CRM to better fit your evolving business needs, or developing a sustainable solution that alleviates stress from you and your employees, Defined Ventures ensures that your software fits well – like a glove!

Our software solutions make the most of your strengths by eliminating your common pain points, and the stressors of day-to-day operations. With workflows optimized and aided by automation (where possible), you work smarter, not harder. When you use a Defined Ventures-branded custom software platform, you enjoy features such as:

  • Administration workload management
  • Data filtering, management, visualization
  • Easy-to-access real-time reports
  • Multi-channel customer tracking
  • Missed opportunity elimination
  • Multi-stage inventory tracking
  • Mobile access to client contacts
  • Routine manual task automation
  • Resource estimation and allocation
  • Automatic notifications for customers
  • Sales funnel monitoring and management
  • Integrations with common platforms
  • Interdepartmental communication options
  • Event data and cohort tracking
  • Optimized workflows and processes

Our custom software solutions are specifically tailored to sales and marketing teams in every industry and niche. But these features also benefit the rest of your business. Workflows become more fluid, data is easier to track, and it’s easier to stay on top of day-to-day changes. Best of all, fewer customers fall through the cracks.

Automation alone provides immense benefit to businesses. By automating your most time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks, we can often eliminate 25 percent or more of your daily workload. This, in turn, reduces burnout, keeps employees focused and inspired, and frees up your employees to focus on more important human-oriented tasks. It also ensures consistent quality right across the board, no matter which department interacts with the software.

Time savings also comes from advanced metric visibility. Defined Ventures can customize your CRM or marketing software to fit best-case metrics, ensuring you remain within your goals without the need for increased human oversight. These automated processes run on a predefined adjustable schedule to meet strict algorithmic demands, such as total time spent per task or rate of failure.

Business process automation is the way of the future; a significant portion of businesses have either already implemented it or plan to implement it in the near future. As these businesses streamline their day-to-day operations, they become more competitive. In foreseeable future, automation will be must-have rather than just a lucrative or attractive option.

Business Management Consulting Services & Strategy


Our consulting process starts with evaluating the ins and outs of your company.


Next, we begin designing a system that works perfectly for you and your budget.


We then begin by developing the essential pieces first – so you can start using your system.


We stand by all of our products and want to ensure that you get the most out of your system.

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