Tired of spending time answering customer status emails? With automatic email notifications, customers are proactively notified at each stage of their project.


Project handoffs between departments have never been easier! Once a project status is changed, the next responsible party is automatically notified.


No matter what your industry is or how your business operates, we can collect scattered data and have it pulled into one beautiful, complete dashboard.


Manage your entire team and all your departments with a bird's-eye view.

Having trouble finding the perfect manufacturing software that matches all of your needs? We can help.

We bring together pieces of the different types of software you already love: Quickbooks, Shopify, Podio, Tableau, Panda Docs; you name it. We then house them under one umbrella, so you only have to log into one platform to see all of your data, task lists, employees, clients, supplies, orders, and more.

Every business is different. No matter the size, industry, or current platform, we’ll put our heads together to build the perfect solution for your business.

Custom Automations

We know how varied manufacturing businesses are. Need automated printing templates, shipping labels, status reports, or tasks lists? We don’t fit your business in a box; we build the box around you.

Inventory Tracking

From design to customer service, track your data, inventory, and materials all within the same system. No more jumping platforms to manage e-commerce, inventory, shipping, employees, etc.

Employee Management

Whether your employees are salaried, hourly, commissioned, freelance, or all of the above, you can manage hours, finances, accounts, and paperwork all within your system.

eCommerce Integration

If expanding your business means outgrowing your current e-commerce management system, integrate both your e-commerce platform and inventory management platform.

Manufacturing Software Customization

Efficiency tools and automation solutions.

The manufacturing industry changes often, and so do the people and clients within it. Often, businesses must adapt and evolve in a very short period of time. The more efficient your workflows and management processes, the less likely you are to fall behind when changes happen out of the blue. DVI’s software solutions cultivate efficiency through automation, streamlined workflows, collaboration, and effortless communication.

We start by analyzing your current business practices and interviewing different employee roles. Then we work together to design a system that answers all of your workflow issues. We build your system from the ground up using the latest automations and most popular integrations.

Spending too much time on customer emails? We can automate your most common requests and replies to cut that time dramatically. Set up automatic email notifications to alert you (or your customers) to changes in the manufacturing process. Or, use your alerts to get notified when requests need a more hands-on approach. AI-embedded software solutions can even identify potential cross-sell or up-sell opportunities to help you make more money.

Struggling with missed emails or tickets? This is one of the most common pain points in manufacturers. Someone forgets to forward a task to the next step and the whole process grinds to a halt. Our solutions automatically notify project managers and workers to ensure they stay on track without missing a beat.

Not sure exactly why your workflow is struggling? DVI’s software platforms always contain easy data visualization tools. Get a top-down view of your workflows in seconds, identifying bottlenecks so you can fix them before they cause a late completion. Analyze trends and patterns dating back months or years to better predict high-volume seasons and events so you can better plan for them in the future.


Sales Order Management

Keep detailed records of orders and information.

A successful sale with a pleased customer – this is the ultimate goal for most manufacturers. But the individual processes they use to achieve that goal? They’re rarely identical, and may be extremely nuanced or highly industry-specific.

At DVI, we customize every software solution to better preserve and support your sales funnel. From ordering supplies to e-commerce integrations to tracking shipping information, keep detailed sales order information with ease.

Building your system starts with reviewing your business needs and sales goals. Then, we integrate the latest e-commerce software, inventory management software, project management software, sales CRM, and more.

Manufacturing Software & ERP Solutions | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Manufacturing Software & ERP Solutions | Defined Ventures, Inc.

Contact Management & Customer Tracking

Easily manage all customers and sales communications.
  • Client Profiles
  • Detailed Shipping Info
  • Automated Status Updates
  • Marketing Integrations

Struggling to achieve effective contact management? This is the second largest sales and marketing pain point for manufacturing businesses with many clients. The sheer overwhelming volume of data produced makes tasks like notifying customers of changes, sending out email marketing blasts, and processing email requests feel cumbersome.

DVI’s software experts specialize in creating contact management systems that just “work.” Keep track of client interactions with detailed client profiles, including notations, requests, and tickets along the way. Whenever an email is sent or received, a comment is automatically notated on the individual’s account. Employees can leave detailed notes of conversations, special pricing, automatic reorders, and more.

No more outgrowing software and migrating data.

Customize your manufacturing software system for good.

At DVI, we know that every business is unique in approach and needs, especially when it comes to team management. We often see businesses struggle with cookie cutter software solutions that come with plenty of features, yet they just don’t quite fit business needs the right way.

Whether it’s a lackluster reporting system or cumbersome task assignment process, having the wrong sales or marketing software can significantly hamper your ability to manage your entire team. Tasks take too much time, automation attempts produce errors or issues with workflow, and results inevitably suffer.

Poorly matched businesses may decide they can’t benefit from manufacturing management at all, or that it’s not right for their business. This is an issue of perception, and it changes dramatically once you find the right match.

Every business is different. No matter the size, industry, or current platform, we’ll put our heads together to build the perfect solution for your business.

Having access to all of your most important data in the same place revolutionizes your manufacturing business. All-in-one customized software provides faster real-time forecasting opportunities, more reliable volume and demand change predictions, and the ability to change human or material resource allocation on an as-needed basis.