We have extensive experience in large corporations with optimizing hand-offs, interdepartmental relations and communications


We believe in analyzing the bigger picture before creating the most optimal solution. Our workflow architects design every system.


We believe in creating a long-lasting system that will grow with your business. As your business grows, tweaks and additions may be made, but the overall system and interface will remain the same.

Enterprise Software Solutions & Systems

Say "good-bye" to platform migration.

C-Suite reporting dashboards, decreased operation costs, and pay-as-you-go features: by combining the best software features, we create the perfect solution to growing your business. Already using QuickBooks to manage finances, MailChimp to run marketing campaigns, or Shopify for inventory management? Don’t worry; you can still keep your current projects, data, and features from all of your favorite software.

We’ll connect it all together so you can manage employee communication, marketing campaigns, finances, employee management, and inventory all in the same place. No more digging around for data or a to-do list; everything is now neatly laid out for you.

Defined Ventures thrives on customizable enterprise software solutions with advanced, highly complex integrations. Whether you’re already using software now or need mission-critical integrations available, we’ll help you find a way to make it work. Our enterprise software solutions can provide your businesses with a main headquarters for administration, sales, marketing, human resources, accounting, and so much more.

Simple & Customizable Agile Tools

Improve interdepartmental communications and develop wider perspectives.

Big business has big demands – and that includes how, when, and where every department in your enterprise works together. It’s important to streamline project management between involved teams, departments, and the rest of your business. Just a single missed message, inaccessible document, lost client note, or email address can hold your most critical campaigns and projects up for days, costing you thousands of dollars or a prized client.

Enterprise experts know that large organizations often grow quickly and suddenly from one day to the next. Intense growth spurts can happen at a moment’s notice, making it harder to forecast and plan. What works one day won’t always works the next, but enterprise software solutions can ameliorate the risk.

If you’re overwhelmed by your business continuously outgrowing it’s project management system, it’s time to think about custom software solutions. Custom software has become more affordable than ever because of integrations. By selecting a main platform for your software, we can connect and integrate thousands of software solutions — some you probably already use — so you can find all of your business’ information and processes in one place.

The best part about integrating software solutions is that we can truly build a unique and customized software for your business. We work together to analyze current business practices, goals, employee roles, and workflow to determine the best course of organization and implementation. Then we design and develop a system to fit your exact needs.

Sustainable Solutions for Big Business Demands

From shifting trends and rapid growth, to globalization and expansion – running an enterprise takes effort, resources, and keen management strategies to keep everything on track. But it isn’t always as easy as just utilizing the same tools and strategies that small or medium businesses do; the enterprise environment is far more complex.

You’re special, and so is your business. To help you succeed, we flip the script and create highly-targeted enterprise software solutions that go beyond standard business tool offerings. Our big business platforms address needs far beyond that of the typical CRM or ERP. They’re in a league of their own.

Putting Power Back Into Business Owners' Hands

As a software company, we see first hand just how helpful the right programs and platforms can be in the enterprise work environment. But we also know how important it is for people at every level of business to have the right level of access at the right time.

Our enterprise software solutions put the power of control back in your hands – you decide who uses which functionalities, how they use them, and who has access to every piece of information in the system.

Interdepartmental Integration

Companies with several departments can increase interdepartmental communications, collaboration, task assignments, to-do lists, and more.

Assign Roles & Tasks

Define and assign certain user roles and their visibility of confidential information, and even implement a client-viewing workspace.

HR & Employee Management

Create an HR workspace to keep track of all employee data, payroll, forms, PTO requests, schedules, company calendars, and much more.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Your system will be able to collect data across a multitude of fields to produce real-time, customizable reports, dashboards, etc.

Enterprise Software Solutions & Systems - Defined Ventures, Inc.

C-Suite Dashboards

See the fuller, bigger picture.

C-Suite executives need to have access to advanced metrics and management tools. From the CEO to the CFO, this access provides a basis for staying informed and forecasting future changes. Knowledge is power, especially in leadership, which is why our enterprise software solutions boast progressive C-Suite dashboards designed especially for those who need functionality most.

Our C-Suite dashboards help you be a better leader, every single day. From within a single panel, access:

  • Advanced reporting dashboards.
  • Custom metrics.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Data visualization integration.

By integrating reporting software, like Tableau, with your system, you can pull in data across a variety of software. This eliminates the need to pull data manually, which can be time-consuming and allow for human error. As a result, management gets a broader perspective across all departments.

Employee Management

Effectively support your organization's workforce and needs.

One of the biggest challenges for enterprise work environments is managing manpower and employees. Depending on your business, you may have hundreds or even thousands of people or hundreds of departments to manage.

Segmenting the process isn’t always the answer, especially if it hinders communication. Increasing collaboration and opening up the ability for departments and supervisors to make requests and manage hours helps, but over-allotting time can result in resource waste. It’s a constant demand for balance in demand and support.

Recruitment and hiring make this process even more challenging. When someone steps away or there’s a lack of human resources available, you need to find the right person for the job without risking a bad hire. Once you find them, you need to be able to channel them through onboarding and orientation to fulfill needs.

Our enterprise software solutions are your vanguard against employee management issues in every department. Increase communication, make task hand-offs easier, keep a database of critical information like resumes, and give departments the power to ask for more resources when needed. Use advanced analytics and visualization to forecast and plan for changes season to season, year to year.

Keep all of your departments in the loop with employee management built into your system. Request additional manhours and employees, manage new hire searches and information, notify HR, and give user credentials all within your system.

Ready to fall in love with your software platform?

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