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Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness

The trifecta of business performance success.

As your organization grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to employ software and workflow solutions that satisfy the needs of all departments. This is where Defined Ventures comes in.

With over 20 years of combined experience in operating businesses and custom-building software, we take a unique approach of developing relationships and understanding every nook and cranny of your business through a process we call Discovery.

First, we speak to everyone within your organization, from C-Suite executives to the janitorial staff, to identify internal problems and to gain feedback on your current tools and systems.

Then, we compile all the feedback to create a scope of work with solutions that address both the business and technical aspects on issues concerning each and every department across your organization.

Where Knowledge Meets Experience

A clear roadmap and ongoing in-depth technical guidance.

We believe the business tools you choose to utilize should reflect who you are as an organization, as well as support your efficiency goals.

From the moment of implementation, as your company’s team utilizes each solution for the first time through each stage of growth, your business software should be flexible and scalable enough to keep up.

Customization and personalization make this concept a reality.

Our software engineering team specializes in custom-building systems that help boost a company’s overall efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

From business process management and workflow automation, or organizing sales leads and reducing duplicate data entry errors, to creating customizable project management tools and streamlined internal communications, Defined Ventures provides effective business problem-solving solutions.

Business Consulting

We have the experience and knowledge to identify the right mix of agile tools and processes to effectively boost growth and ROI.

Software Development

Our software engineering team integrates all your projects, products, clients, and processes into one limitless, centralized platform.

Digital Marketing

Social media development, a fresh, modern website and SEO – the essential cherry on top of your business is a digital marketing strategy.


Creating and sustaining optimized organizations.

Let’s talk about business process management. Every task, every project, every campaign, every client has its own business process within your company. Each process demands resources, time, attention, and administration over time.

Businesses who find ways to streamline business process management prevent bottlenecks and shorten pipelines to improve delivery times and satisfaction for employees, clients, and customers. Fluid processes improve satisfaction.

Defined Ventures is your catalyst for change. Through leading-edge software development strategies, advanced programming technologies, and decades of combined experience serving businesses, our software engineering team takes standard ERP and CRM platforms to a new level.

Reduce human errors. Improve collaboration and communication. Forecast, analyze, and model new processes with business software that makes it easier to be aware of your business and how it functions day to day, year to year.

Defined Ventures helps you make it easier than ever to continuously evolve and grow your processes over time. It just gets better and better!


Bringing the SDLC phases to life.

First, we analyze your business. Then, our software engineering team spends time with you explaining our findings and what you feel may be missing. From there, we custom-design business software solutions with exciting process management functions from the ground up.

Our approach is effective because it works for your unique business and needs – not just for the industry or overall market.

Automate, assign, shift, remove, or add tasks in minutes. Run advanced algorithms to clean, filter, and visualize data in ways that make it easier to see trends and problems in real time. Do everything from within the same dashboards – including working with your favorite finance, human resource, sales, and marketing software.

Already love a specific platform or app? We’ll accommodate you. Our software engineering team specializes in using APIs and other integrative measures to create business software solutions that work. From Podio to Citrix and beyond, our goal is to create a platform that lets you do it all in fewer steps.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to work together. Reach out to us today and start the process to better business.

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