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Customizable solutions for real estate agents.

Real estate can be a chaotic business. Often, you go from slow times to critically busy times in as little as a day. In order to capitalize on that constant ebb and flow, you need to be organized and in tune with your business clients at all times. Our real estate CRM software helps you make that happen.

Our customizable CRM for real estate agents works intuitively and boasts built-in automation features for higher efficiency. Monitor clients, respond to their needs, and close the deal when it matters most – our software is your assistant at every step.

Ready for a CRM that unites your team remotely, makes scheduling appointments a breeze, and calculates your workload for the week? With our CRM built on Podio, a cloud-based platform, you get a product that’s tailored to your business’ needs. We know CRMs aren’t one-size-fits-all; get the benefits of a custom system without the obscene price tag.

To-Do Lists

Create daily and weekly to-do lists so that no task falls through the cracks! Assign reoccurring tasks, schedule weekly meetings, and create monthly reports from Podio’s mobile app.

Automatic Reminders

Never forget to follow-up with automatic reminders. Send customers automated emails for birthdays and anniversaries and set reminders to be automatically created with certain task.s.

Time Management

Manage your time with ease. Our CRM lets you know about how much time each task will take, so you can realistically plan your work week. Track and view how much time each task. takes with custom dashboards.

Contract Auto-Filling

Find yourself filling out the same information over and over? Generate auto-filled, client-specific contracts with the click of a button.

Checklist Generator

Save time with pre-saved checklist templates that automatically create and assign action items and tasks to the appropriate employees.

Email Automation

Never miss a birthday, anniversary, or holiday! Keep clients in the know with automated status updates as they move through the process.

eSignature Integrations

Send and sign contracts with ease by linking your system to Right Signature, Panda Doc, or DocuSign. No more printing and scanning!

How Our Process Works

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The road to getting your business organized begins with filling out our contact form. If you are unsure about any of the fields, that’s okay! We just want to get a general idea of your business’ wants and needs.

You'll Hear From Us

Our Software Engineer Team

After we receive your contact information, our Software Engineer Team will reach out to you with any further questions or clarifications.


Let's Meet and Greet

In our onboarding call, we’ll show you a demo of our base template, plus additional integrations and add-on features. This is where we can assess your business needs and customize your CRM to fit.

What to Bring

How to Prepare for Your Call

The main goal of our onboarding call is to determine which features best suit your business. We’ll go over workflow, employee roles, and goals.


We Connect Your System

It only takes us five business days to connect your customized system. We’ll meet again to make sure it’s exactly to your specifications. We then turn it over to you and your team for bug test and approval.

Training + Support

Ongoing Customer Support

We recommend allowing for two weeks of employee training and implementation. We will be available if you have any questions.

Real Estate CRM Software Custom-Tailored for Agents

Mobile access, contract generation, and lead management.

Our CRM software does more to meet agents on the frontlines of real estate all day, each and every single day.
Every feature is hand-tailored to suit the needs of the industry, with specialized structures that goes beyond simple CRM options.
This customized approach allows us to craft a suite of integrative software solutions that don’t just work for you, but with you.

Real Estate CRM Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.

Custom Reporting

Complete design control and limitless possibilities.

Big data matters in every industry, but it’s especially important in real estate because it influences every decision you make. Knowing local real estate and client patterns, such as when sales are most likely to happen or when the market may be slipping, is a crucial part of forecasting and planning campaigns.

Our real estate CRM software suites let you handle your data fluidly from the moment of input through reporting. Structure your reports as you need them, when you need them – not when the system thinks you should have them. Every report you pull gives you these incredible options:

  • Advanced reporting dashboards.
  • Design customization.
  • Automated reporting capabilities.
  • Data visualization integrations.

Gain a birds-eye view of your agents, leads, and other stats with data visualization integrations. Dashboards can be customized based on user, so you can pick and choose which stats you follow. Stay up-to-date on projects with a live activity feed.

Task Generation

Efficiently manage heavy, overwhelming workloads.

We believe that future technology will unlock revolutionary ways for real estate agents to work smarter, not harder. But here’s a secret: we’re already using new technologies to help you right now.

Integrated task and process automation features backed by intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms take the “work” out of work. Set up automated processes for everything from responses to email blasts as needed – it’s that easy!

Creating the same tasks week after week? Become more efficient with your time, decreased human error, and prevents leads from slipping through cracks with lead generation. Podio will automatically create tasks so you know what’s on your plate and plan for the future.

Real Estate Agent Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Real Estate Agent Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.


Keep a bird's-eye view of everyone and everything.

Managing leads is critical – it’s what provides you with opportunities to close the deal in the first place. Real estate agents have more leads than the average seller because they deal with sellers and buyers all at the same time. On any given day, you need to be able to manage those leads in a way that makes sense without getting wires crossed.

That’s where our CRM software for real estate agents comes in. Our agent view panel is customized to your business for fast access, lead management, and data visualization from anywhere. Run reports, analyze client interactions, and create more value from numbers alone with just a few clicks.

With agent view, see only what’s on your plate, reducing clutter or confusion. Agent views also give management the ability to report on all agent fields, segment private information, and delegate specific leads to outside contractors without over sharing. See what a particular agent is working on before assigning a lead, reducing the chance of double or over booking.


Use contact profiles for lead and/or customer intelligence.

Part of real estate is making clients feel welcomed, supported, and cared for at every step of the buying or selling process. It’s critical that your agents and business cater to their needs as closely as possible. Real estate CRM software from Defined Ventures, Inc. helps you to achieve that goal and improves forecasting by let you keep in-depth profiles for every client and every prospective buyer or seller.

  • Correspondence integration.
  • Complete lead summary.
  • Internal lead discussions.

Integrate agent’s email to automatically log client correspondence every time an email is sent. View past correspondence, data changes, and notes right on the lead itself. Keep all info all in one place so information is easily shared between coworkers.

Our software doesn’t just provide you with basic profiling tools; it also lets you tailor who can see what information. This allows you to set access at every level of business. Agents see only what they need to see, while managers and administrators have a higher level of access. The goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the right information, in the right volume, with the right presentation at every level of business.

Real Estate Agent Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.

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