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Tools Your Startup Should Be Using (and Why) - Defined Ventures, Inc.
Starting a new company is easier now than it was just 10 or 20 years ago. Everyone has unprecedented access to information, contacts, and resources to make the startup process easier and expand reach quickly. Technological advances can unfortunately come with trade-offs, though, including feeling a bit lost in the wealth of information and options...
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6 Things Your Nonprofit Fundraising Software Should Do | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Running a nonprofit organization is hard enough; the tools you use to stay on track shouldn’t make your job harder or interfere with achieving goals. When you find yourself struggling with software inadequacies rather than achieving success with the tools you use, it’s time to reassess. Here’s the good news: your organization now has more...
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In 2018, AI-Powered CRM Will Reinvent Sales Automation | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The amount of data that we deal with on a daily basis is staggering. It’s easy to take it all for granted when you’ve been living in front of a mobile device filled with productivity apps and company spreadsheets. Our ability to process the sheer volume of information surrounding us is reaching a threshold; the...
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Here's How CRM Shortens the Sales Cycle | Defined Ventures, Inc.
How long does it take you to close a sale? Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on your industry and niche. That said, the majority of sales departments and teams all have the same goal: to achieve the shortest sales cycle possible without fracturing customer rapport. A shorter cycle means more time to...
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Let's Get SaaS-y in 2018 | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Saas: Software as a Service. It’s a trend that’s getting an incredible amount of action lately, but there’s a significant amount of confusion around exactly what the phrase means. Is it a business model? Is it an industry? Is it something software businesses do? Realistically, only one of these categories is true: SaaS is, in...
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Consulting Goes Beyond Advice Giving | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Business or management consulting: it’s one of America’s most rapidly-growing industries. As more entrepreneurs step up to the table with ingenious new startup ideas, the need for solid advice and guidance is becoming higher than ever. The value of reliable advice is rising, too. Without it, many businesses would be doomed to follow statistical patterns,...
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Poor Internal Processes: The Silent Startup Killer
It’s typical for the handful of people in your startup to wear many hats. Grouping together similar tasks for each person to handle simplifies the workload for everyone and makes life a little more comfortable when you’re thin on human resources. These types of practices are useful and relevant when there are fewer contracts for...
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Business Value of Data Visualization | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Data: no matter what industry you’re in, it’s the single-most important source of information you have. Through data, we determine who to hire, where to allocate resources, what’s working, and what’s failing so we can adapt, change, and move into the future with a positive outlook. But it isn’t just the hard data that matters;...
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Do Small Creative Agencies Need Project Management Software? | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The burgeoning freelance and gig economy is changing how we work, where we work, and even how we do business when we’re staying within the confines of tradition. Rather than large, sprawling creative departments, many businesses are shifting to smaller and more intimate creative teams. Results show that this is a generally positive thing; more...
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Must-Have Shopify Integrations for E-Tailers | Defined Ventures, Inc.
By now, you probably know that Shopify is one of the fastest-growing, most reliable systems for managing e-commerce inventory and sales. You also probably know that although Shopify has some great built-in features, it is also lacking features that are necessary to grow your e-commerce business. By combining Shopify with other features, you are able...
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