For Distributors Overwhelmed By New Software, Here's What Really Matters | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The last 12 to 24 months have been an incredible whirlwind of technological advances in the distribution industry. Developers are coming up with incredibly innovative solutions to some of the stickiest problems distributors face, including how we sell, where we sell, and how we cater to our customers. No matter what the goal you’re trying...
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Real Estate CRM Software, Because Lead-Gen Intelligence Is Valuable | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The world of real estate moves at a rapid pace. As an agent or broker, you are constantly looking for homes to sell and for people to buy them. The proper categorization of your leads is critical to your ability to find the ones you need quickly and easily at a moment’s notice. The days...
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5 Tools for Better Inventory Management | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Inventory control is one of the most critical parts of a successful retail or manufacturing business. You need to have the right items in store, in the right quantities, when they’re needed and where they’re needed. And it isn’t only about having the right items in the right place; how you manage your inventory needs...
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7 Shocking Sales CRM Software Adoption Stats - Defined Ventures, Inc.
Will 2018 be the year your business finally adopts a CRM? If you haven’t quite decided whether a CRM is right for you just yet, we want to share some important insider information that might help you make your decision. The statistics below go beyond surface level information to identify how, when, and where CRMs...
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In a Sea of SaaS, How and Which Do You Choose? | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Currently going through your first review to judge whether a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is right for your business? Feeling unsure of exactly what qualifies as SaaS or how it integrates with your current setup? You’re experiencing many of the same feelings everyday businesses experience when they try to narrow down their choices. Over the past...
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6 Things Your Nonprofit Fundraising Software Should Do | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Running a nonprofit organization is hard enough; the tools you use to stay on track shouldn’t make your job harder or interfere with achieving goals. When you find yourself struggling with software inadequacies rather than achieving success with the tools you use, it’s time to reassess. Here’s the good news: your organization now has more...
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Manufacturing Software in an Ever-Changing Landscape | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The manufacturing industry is changing. Advanced technologies and global expansion demand that companies do more to maintain competitive advantage than ever before. Customers demand near-constant improvements and innovation, faster product-to-market times, efficiency in production and order fulfillment, and the best possible prices along the way. Manufacturers who don’t make a reasonable effort to fulfill these...
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Best Tech of CES 2018 | Defined Ventures, Inc.
It’s a fresh year full of fresh tech ideas – and those fresh ideas are being showcased this week at the yearly CES 2018 convention. This year’s CES was a veritable smorgasbord of devices, concepts, and companies all vying to bring attention to their new and innovative ideas. Attendees had a front-row seat to some of...
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How Automation, AI Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Business | Defined Ventures, Inc.
According to a recent article in Forbes, 84 percent of all business respondents say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. Around 83 percent believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today. Over 80 percent – that leaves less than 20 percent of businesses not seeing the inherent value...
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Let's Get SaaS-y in 2018 | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Saas: Software as a Service. It’s a trend that’s getting an incredible amount of action lately, but there’s a significant amount of confusion around exactly what the phrase means. Is it a business model? Is it an industry? Is it something software businesses do? Realistically, only one of these categories is true: SaaS is, in...
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