Distribution Management Software & Solutions

Efficiently track inventory, manage processes, and collect data in real-time.

Inventory Tracking

Stay up-to-date on the latest inventory changes with features like multi-warehousing, e-commerce integration, and automated reports.

Purchase Order Management

Automate purchase orders as they come in through your e-commerce site to automatically create client profiles for easy account organizing.

Sales Order Management

Manage your sales process from beginning to end. No matter how complex, we’ll streamline your workflow.

Shipping Tracking

Integrate your system with your preferred shipping software to easily manage rates, pick-ups, customer status emails, tracking, and more.

CRM Features

Need detailed client profiles? From one-time customers to loyal, ongoing accounts, manage your clients and employee interaction with ease.

Custom Reporting

Create and customize reporting metrics by integrating a reporting software, like Tableau, into your system.

Find the Solutions You Need to Grow

At Defined Ventures, our focus is on creating intelligent solutions for business management that work with you from where you are right now. We create forward-thinking distribution management software systems that target businesses by providing what they need most. Our platforms are collaborative, integrative, and designed to give you function paired with quality of life features for the ultimate software experience.

What matters more is not what we make, but our mission: to help you find the solutions you need to excel. Solutions that let you track, visualize, and manage your products all the way from the production floor to the customer’s hands.

Using business process automation, app and API integrations, we create a distribution management software platform that works for you and with you, all at once. With our help, you can manage your inventory and business in ways that are smarter, faster, and highly intuitive, all with less hassle, fewer bottlenecks, and more efficiency.

You’ll know when your business has outgrown its current inventory management software. If orders are slipping through the cracks, client emails are mounting, or you are expanding to a new warehouse or retail location, it’s time to reevaluate your business’ software needs. Building a customized system gives you the power to add exactly the features your business needs to grow, eliminating the need to pay for features that you don’t need or use.

Whether you’re a small business quickly outgrowing simple software or a large distributor that needs a completely custom solution, we can help. We combine decades of business and technology consulting with workflow architects and system integration and build you the perfect business management solution.

Generate Quotes

Automatically create quotes from a populated webform, employee entry, or website order, then send out and attach to the client’s profile.

Contact Management

Add detailed information and purchase orders to your client’s profile with an advanced Customer Relationship Management system.

Automated Emails

Keep customers in the loop with automated status emails when orders are received, processed, shipped, and delivered.


Send and sign contracts with ease by linking your system to Right Signature, Panda Doc, or DocuSign. No more printing and scanning!

Inventory Tracking

Monitor items and gather valuable data.

Our inventory tracking software doesn’t just provide you with a list of items or services; it goes beyond face value to help you parse big data. No matter how complex or spread-out your business, or how lengthy your client list, a customized distribution management software suite can handle it.

Have more than one warehouse or retail location? Do you need to ship to different locations or customers? We integrate your inventory management software into your system to allow you to not only meticulously track inventory, but also provide detailed reporting data to use for upcoming marketing and advertising campaigns.

Working globally? Our distribution management software can help you span the globe without ever leaving the office. Even if you have manufacturing in Malaysia, warehousing in the U.K., and shipping centers in 20 cities throughout the world, we can provide you with solutions to help you keep track of every last item.

Distribution Management Software - Defined Ventures, Inc.
Distribution Management Software - Defined Ventures, Inc.

Purchase Order Information

Keep all client, vendor, and shipping information together.

Tracking purchase order information is critical to inventory and distribution management. Without it, you can’t forecast or respond to potential bottlenecks in your production funnel. Our distribution management software ensures every purchase order is neatly organized and filled the information you need most at the click of a button.

Go paperless with detailed purchase order information easily available through client profiles, orders, and inventory management. See detailed inventory information (including if multi-warehouse shipping is required), vendor details, and transportation methods. View shipping information that displays real-time status updates from your preferred shipping software right on the purchase order. Include notes for customer support interactions, including automated notes whenever an automatic order status email is sent to the customer. Now every employee from every department is on the same page.

Need access to agile forecasting tools? Use our distribution management software to visualize and analyze months worth of data for patterns and trends. Become better than ever at predicting upticks and slow times so you can compensate for increased stress on distribution or customer support channels. Because everything is integrated, there’s no need to leave your platform to use a different tool.

Distribution Management Software Customization

Intuitive lead and contact management solutions.

Our distribution management software addresses the needs of busy producers and sellers, but it goes beyond traditional offerings to do and be even more. Fully integrated CRM software gives you the power to stay in touch, forecast changes, and become better at managing client requests.

Craft effortless email campaigns to drive more sales. Send out email blasts with news about upcoming products and changes to service patterns. Automate responses to basic requests for information or updates from clients. You can do all of this and so much more with our distribution management software.

Find yourself struggling to hold onto client details between departments? Use integrated CRM features to build extensive, detail-oriented client files. Track customers through every life cycle, analyzing and visualizing how their relationship with you changes with every product or order they make.

Want to ensure customer support provides the best experience for every client? Our distribution management software keeps track of interactions and notes at a variety of levels so quality assurance is a breeze. Most importantly, it’s quick and easy for future representatives to confirm past orders, past support channels, notes on the account, and details that may empower them to serve your clients better.

Defined Ventures, Inc. celebrates the little individualities that make every business unique. That’s why we firmly believe every distribution management software suite should be as unique as the business it serves. Working from the ground up, we can create a fully customized integrative, collaborative platform for success. Just reach out!

Need a custom-tailored solution?

Allow us assess your business's needs to build the perfect system.