Podio App Bloat

Podio App Bloat is when one app holds the majority of the data and processes. It may seem counter-intuitive at first to spread out your data over several apps instead of keeping it all together. However, when one app has a lot of data, organization and segmenting is lost. That said, when it comes to Podio’s project management software, you want to avoid Podio App Bloat as much as possible – instead of one single large app that is unwieldy to scroll through, section the data off into different Podio Apps connected with relationships. Relationship Fields allow Podio Apps to communicate with each other, so you don’t have to enter in duplicate information.



Relationship Fields link projects and clients together. You can view more information about a client or a proposal by clicking on the summary card. In the screenshot example featured below, we could click on the Internal – DVI – Marketing summary card that is next to the Proposal field, and would be able to view the proposal itself without leaving the app that we are currently on.


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