Podio Items

Podio items are individual projects, clients, meetings, etc. that are within an app. When you click on an app within your workspace, a list of items is displayed. When you click on an item, all of the information regarding the client and project appear. Here is an example of how an individual item is viewed:

This is an example of an individual project. As you can see, the client’s information is populated from another app. You can recognize this because the information is displayed in a block format with a summary card. This is called a relationship field and is the key to providing concise, consistent information across different apps and workspaces. Instead of re-entering in all of the client’s contact information for each project, the relationship field imports all information from a previous app.

We won’t go too deep into relationship fields in this tutorial. All you need to know is that if there is a specific client, proposal, or project, that has been carried from one app to another, the information should populate in a relationship field. Relationship fields link projects and clients together. You can view more information about the client or the proposal by clicking on the summary card. In the example above, I could click on the ‘Internal – DVI – Marketing’ summary card that is next to the ‘Proposal’ field and would be able to view the proposal itself without leaving the app that I am currently on.

Developer Tip: You can customize the information displayed in the summary card view by clicking on the settings (wrench) button.

For more information and clarification regarding building and developing relationship fields, watch the video below.