We know every startup is different. Now is the time to assess your business goals and strategy – before you outgrow your current system.


Don’t let the fear of a big price tag keep your business from getting the best software. With integrations and automations, custom software is more affordable than ever.


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Being a startup isn’t easy; there’s an insurmountable list of challenges to overcome just in the first year. From managing capital outflow to cultivating sustainable, long-term client or customer lists, you need to be on top of issues the moment they occur in order to succeed.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed or suffering from organizational problems, you aren’t alone. The vast majority of businesses fail due to issues just like these in the first year alone. That number increases in the second and third year; if you make it to the fourth, you can consider yourself a sustainable business.

But getting to the point of sustainability? That isn’t always easy. It takes the right tools and a significant amount of organization to make it happen. That’s where our innovative startup CRM systems come in.

Like many startups, you may be experiencing an increased amount of growth in a short period of time. While all businesses have growing pains, you can lessen the blow by planning ahead for growth. This means making sure that you have the right technology to sustain expansion.

With growth comes other logistical challenges, like expanding warehouses, hiring an HR department, or outsourcing work. Our startup CRM systems make it easy to determine where you are, where you’re going, and where you need to be, all while creating forward-thinking solutions to customer relationship concerns. Track every aspect of your business to gather valuable data for potential investors, clients, or shareholders.

Overwhelmed? We can help.

Startup CRM Systems

Customizable smart features and simple tools.

Startups aren’t like established businesses; they have unique needs and specialized demands that don’t always translate out well to large-scale, cookie-cutter enterprise software solutions. It takes a dedicated software developer with a unique understanding of startup challenges to create solutions that work.

Defined Ventures’s startup CRM systems consider your startup’s needs from wherever you are right now. Whether you haven’t even yet opened for business or you already have a full year of success under your belt, we dig deep to identify what you really need.

Here’s where the magic starts: first, we sit down with you one-on-one to talk about what you see as your biggest challenges. Then, we ask pertinent questions to help narrow down concepts. What features are needed for your industry? We’ll research, interview, collect, and analyze to determine the best setup for your startup.

Inventory Tracking

Need your e-commerce, inventory management, shipping, and CRM to all communicate seamlessly? We make fulfilling orders a breeze.

Expense Management

Manage, track, and plan finances from all departments by integrating a financial software, like Quickbooks, for easy management.

Accounts Receivable

Report on detailed finances and easily manage incoming payments with data visualization integrations like Tableau
or Chart Mogul.

Project Tracking

Ensure seamless hand-offs between
your sales team, project manager, and order fulfillment, with automated notes on customer accounts.

CRM Features

Manage customer information, order status, project management tasks, and shipping information, with custom CRM features.


Whether you need to gain sponsors, investors, or produce an annual report
for shareholders, beautiful reports are
just a click away.

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Feeling curious about our startup CRM systems?  We can’t blame you!  Thinking about finding ways to make everyday startup challenges easier excites us, too.  We work hard to create an entry process that’s remarkably easy for startup owners.  All you need to do is reach out and we’ll guide you through the process.

Prefer to know how it all works, from initial investigation to full implementation?  We understand.  Knowledge is power, and as a startup, every decision you make matters because it can impact your success.  Whether you’re trying to decide on CRM investment or curious about our business, we want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know us.  Browse the placards below; then, let’s talk!

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Let's Meet and Greet

In our onboarding call, we’ll show you a demo of our base template, plus additional integrations and add-on features. This is where we can assess your business needs and customize your CRM to fit.

What to Bring

How to Prepare for Your Call

The main goal of our onboarding call is to determine which features best suit your business. We’ll go over workflow, employee roles, and goals.


We Connect Your System

It only takes us five business days to connect your customized system. We’ll meet again to make sure it’s exactly to your specifications. We then turn it over to you and your team for bug test and approval.

Training + Support

Ongoing Customer Support

We recommend allowing for two weeks of employee training and implementation. We will be available if you have any questions.

Expense Reporting

Every decision you make at every step of the game has the ability to influence your long-term success. When you make an investment, you want to be sure it pays off. When it comes time to process accounts payable, you need to feel confident that everything going out is correct.

Managing money in a startup environment can be especially difficult, especially if you’re dealing with money from multiple sources. Capital investments, loans, credit cards, accounts, and bills – these all need to be managed separately while maintaining an understanding of how they fit together. Our startup CRM systems come with next-level expense reporting features to help you reach your accounting goals.

Track ALL expenses – employees, utilities, product, distribution, marketing – in one place. Organize data and limit manual data entry with automated, detailed expense reports. Integrate your accounting software, like QuickBooks, to create custom reports to track your accounts billable and receivable. You can also integrate data visualization software, like Tableau or ChartMogul, to monitor trends, employees productivity, and much more.

Startup CRM Systems and Software Solutions - Defined Ventures, Inc.
Startup CRM Systems and Software Solutions - Defined Ventures, Inc.

Inventory Tracking

Part of managing your business’s budget is managing your inventory. Whether you sell services or real-world items that ship, our startup CRM systems can help you manage your inventory so you can adhere to deadlines, impress your clients, and stay ahead of potential growth spurts.

Browse the built-in database to find whether a product is available. Or, use our integrated tools to create inventory reports to help you forecast and plan. It’s all easier with great features just like these:

  • Advanced reporting dashboards.
  • Custom design.
  • Automatic report updates.
  • Data visualization integration.

No matter what your industry, track every detail of your product with inventory tracking and reporting. By automating administrative tasks, like customer status emails and purchase orders, you can free up valuable manhours for planning ahead.

Get organized, stay organized.

Get ahead of the curve by organizing data and strategizing results.