Podio Apps

Podio Apps are the meat and potatoes of a project’s workflow and system. Within Podio Workspaces, a series of apps are designed to progress projects from one stage to another. In addition, apps are designed according to optimal workflow. Podio Apps are used to store data, and are made up of a series of fields. For example, you may have a Client App that houses each client’s contact information. When you open the app, a list of your clients will appear in a table form. The cells of that table (their name, phone, email, address) are all examples of fields.



The screenshot featured below is an example of what various Podio Apps would look like within your Podio Workspaces.


Podio Apps | Defined Ventures, Inc.


You may find yourself using one or two Podio Apps most of the time, depending on how your system and workflow were designed. Each of the app is made up of Items that are created within the app, or carried over from a previous app.

DEVELOPER TIP: When designing Podio Apps, take an inventory of existing web forms, web docs, contracts, any kind of fillable templates. The empty fields of the templates become the fields of your app. Many beginner Podio designers will take the stages of a project and put them in a single category field. What should be done is make category field in addition to an app, so that more detailed data collection can happen.