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Completely customizable, easily integrated, and always automating.

Over the years, Defined Ventures has worked with hundreds of companies to streamline their business processes and utilize their software to help them grow. We found that there is no perfect software for any business; there is no one-size-fits-all solution; each business is so unique in their particular needs. We saw an opportunity to create a customizable solution – by bringing together software’s best features,
while developing it on a user-friendly platform. That’s how our Podio project management software was born.

Podio is an open-source platform that connects departments, software, communication, and customers all under one roof.
This allows businesses to create an ideal system that incorporates necessary features, while keeping the cost affordable.

So, what exactly is our Podio project management software capable of? Take a look at its features; the possibilities are endless.


With our Podio project management software, you can assign tasks, schedule meetings, share files, and chat within one interface. Project management has never been easier.


Get away from entering the same data day after day and automate your administrative processes, like task generation, customer status emails, and automated to-do lists.

Custom Dashboards

Get a birds-eye view of a project or an up-close view of your task list (or both). Our Podio project management software allows each user to customize their own dashboard.


Do you utilize any marketing tools like MailChimp? Integrate them with our Podio project management software, which allows you to spearhead campaigns from your workspace.

Podio Project Management Software

Agile Project Management

Powerful tools that grow with your business.

Your business is ever-changing, even on a day-to-day basis. The project management software you use should be able to flex and grow (or shrink) to fit your needs, too. Platforms that are too expensive, contain too much of what you don’t need, or don’t really suit the needs of your industry? That’s a thing of the past. Now, there’s a solution that meets you where you are and grows with you over time.

Simply put, Podio project management software is both affordable and customizable. We specialize in streamlining processes, communication, and workflow by using Podio’s platform. We’ve built thousands of apps and hundreds of workspaces. We use Podio for our own business, simply because we’ve seen how much it helps businesses across the board.


Our in-house choice and favorite.

Yes, that’s right – we utilize Podio in-house to manage our own clients.  When we say you’ll love this software, it’s coming from personal experience, not just our desire to sell the platform.  We’ve witnessed dramatic results and improvements in every area of project management on Podio’s platform, including improved task management, better integration capabilities, and improved collaboration at every level of business.

Podio Project Management Software - Defined Ventures, Inc.

But don’t just take our word for it – the hundreds of online reviews from businesses everywhere says it all.  Five-star reviews, tons of compliments on flexibility and scalability, thousands of recommendations, and integrations make Podio one of the most popular platforms available to date.

What makes Podio such a uniquely suitable choice for project management?  The answer lies in Podio’s incredible assortment of features and integrations.  Then, the platform extends its usefulness with full-scale customization and scalability.


Jam-packed with powerful features and abilities.


Podio’s text management and creation tools give you the ability to handle every text-based action from within one app. Write up articles, name tasks, send out memos, and even jot down notes on clients.


Similar to other PM platforms, Podio has a next-gen contact management app built in. Keep track of contacts, set team responsibilities, and record external contact information- all in one place.


Use Podio’s category app for organizing and streamlining your daily work tasks. With just a few clicks, you can indicate the status of work, filter through multiple tasks, sort a list of tasks, and more.


In a “numbers game” industry? You’ll be pleased to know that Podio boasts a fully integrated recording, reporting, calculation app. Tally monthly sales for reports, or calculate and forecast based on data.


Need an effective financial tracking tool? Whether it’s a single project or an entire business, Podio gives you that power. Budget, analyze, track, visualize, and forecast at lightning speed.


Use Podio’s built-in date and calendar app to schedule your workday, work week, or even work month. Check and assign deadlines for each project, team, or task, and schedule meetings in seconds.


Social media is everything, and without content, you’ll get left behind. Podio’s built-in link sharing app helps you curate content and embed media from various video platforms into your content.


Podio’s progress app focuses on being a simple reminder of your progress on each task and project. This tiny, lightweight motivational tool gives a visual reminder with “percentage completed.”


Big data analysis is all about drawing correlations between data, and that’s where Podio’s relationship app comes in. Use the built-in tools to link data from multiple apps and identify patterns and trends.


Manage and curate an entire database of images from within Podio, including company logos, graphics, infographics, and so much more. Create albums for designs and photographs for easy retrieval.

We don't put you in a box; we build the box around you.

With Podio, we can build the ideal system tailored to your unique business needs.


Import user forms right into Podio using its own Webforms. Add automations to create a workflow for new contacts.


Stay on top of your workload remotely with the Podio App. The app is free to download for both iPhone and Android.


Customize your system with third-party extensions such as GlobiFlow and SmartGantt.


Make sure your system is secure by scheduling backups using our favorite backup extension, Cloud Backup for Podio.


The extensive API allows us to bring our clients the perfect custom system for their needs.


Have ultimate control over which users are able to access which data. Create tiered access to workspaces, apps, and projects.