Automated Lead Management & Tracking Solutions

Resource Planning

Manage projects effectively and efficiently.

Forecasting, planning, and tracking – these three elements are a powerful trifecta in sales. Get them just right and your campaigns will sail along effortlessly with no missed opportunities or bottlenecks.

Like electricity to an outlet, proper resource tracking is the key to success in every element or task across every campaign. Sales productivity, lead efficiency, and revenue all improve when you better manage your resources, but it can be a big task, especially if you’re working manually. CRM software for sales changes the game through automation, AI, and intuitive integrations.

Double booking yourself or unsure of the time projects will take you? Our software for sales CRM solutions feature very detailed estimation tools – so that you know how long each project will take. Move your clients through your sales funnel by following automated steps at each stage, and by using scheduled follow-up notifications to make sure no one slips through the cracks.


Bring all your data together under one roof.

Success in sales campaigns comes from finding integrative ways to address client needs from every angle. That means managing the entire sales funnel carefully, start to finish. And that sales funnel really starts from the moment you identify an unmet need for a product, service, or opportunity.

Sales CRM software gives you the power to track, allocate, identify and analyze metrics and resources to improve results from day one. Kick your sales up a notch by automatically segmenting your leads in your marketing software; this allows you to target customers and analyze user data. Use Cordial, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or one of our custom templates to reach your customers using your sales CRM data.

Podio-Based Sales CRM Software

Through experience, we’ve learned that having the right tools by your side is a must for smooth, efficient workflows in sales. But, it’s also important to manage your budget so your campaigns don’t over-stress reserves. Our customizable sales CRM software maximizes your access to the tools you need for success without breaking the bank. Podio is our basis for an affordable solution; it starts with our proprietary template, which is then customized to your business. This nonstandard approach is preferred because it doesn’t force you to use cookie cutter solutions. Instead, you end up with custom-built sales CRM software tailored to suit your client demands and business needs.

Sales CRM Software & Solutions | Defined Ventures, Inc.

Pipeline Reporting

Know the status of all your sales, and what is needed to move them forward.

Custom Dashboards

Have each agent only see their workload to prevent overwhelming demands.

MailChimp Integration

As user data is imported, event-driven marketing software sends your leads relevant info.

Lead Management

Create automations, such as email notifications and scheduled reminders.

Purchase Order Automation

Integrate a fulfillment service so an order is generated when a sale is made.

Continued Support

We stand by our product and want to give the best customer service possible. We know you’ll be back.

Ready for customizable CRM solutions?

Perfectly tailored sales CRM software packages starting at just $197/month.


There’s a reason we base our sales CRM software on Podio: it’s one of the most advanced, flexible platforms on the market. Unlike other software suites, it’s lightweight and maximizes collaboration across the board.


Share information between colleagues, employees, and departments in seconds from anywhere. Podio ensures your team always has the right data to push forward toward closing the deal – without losing lead momentum.


Need to collect information? Our sales CRM software with Podio makes data collection easier, too. When leads make contact, use your platform to organize them and pass the right leads off to the right people. Fewer leads drop out.


Our software makes achieving workflow efficiency easier than ever before. Assign responsibilities, hone your pipeline, improve work process efficiency, and create a smooth, effortless pipeline. Adjust it in real-time as needed.


Big data is everything in sales. Use our software to clean, organize, sort, and display data logically – including leads, contacts, and sales reports. There’s no need to jump between multiple platforms to access visualization tools.


Every sales CRM software platform and integration is designed to best match the sales pipeline process and your business. That means you get access to more of what you need, and less of what you don’t. No unnecessarily complex features.

Support Every Step of the Way

At Defined Ventures, we know that sales teams are more satisfied and productive when they understand the software they’re using. From integration and onboarding support to staff member training, we support you long into the future. When you need help, we’re here. When you need to refine your software, we make it happen. Change is inevitable – stop outgrowing your software; instead, choose a sales CRM software that can grow with your business.