Host weekly or annual events? Plan every last detail from donor list to fund-raising information, plus keep all paperwork and communication in one place.


Have a variety of forms available through your site? Automatically import data from donor, sponsor, volunteer, foster, medical release forms and more.


Gather and monitor important donor data and create stunning annual reports through integrating a data visualization software, like Tableau.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software & Solutions

Donor management tools and features designed with nonprofits in mind.

We love working with people who are passionate and hard-working. We know that every nonprofit is unique. We know that many have a large wish list and a modest budget. Luckily, our custom nonprofit fundraising software is now more affordable than ever. By integrating different existing software systems together, we create a customized plan to streamline communication, store data, and maximize efficiency. Best of all, it meets all of your needs for a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal development team.

Ready to get ahead and start planning your nonprofit’s success? We’ll start by meeting with you and some employees to get a good idea of their roles. Then, we analyze current workflow and business goals and design your ideal business management solution. After fine-tuning plans, we then get to work building and developing your custom software before integrating and training your employees.

Customized Reporting

Gather scattered data and create reports with a click of a button for donors, annual reports, presentations, and more.

CRM Features

Collaborate with your team in a comprehensive CRM tailored to fit your non-profit, including project comments and task assignments.

Contact Integrations

Never miss a donor birthday again! With full contact management, you can import contacts from your current sales or email marketing software.

Automated Notifications

Spending too much time on emails? Automatically send fund-raising emails, event reminders, and order status email notifications.

Webform Submissions

Most nonprofits rely on the Internet to raise awareness and gather funds. Web form submissions from your sponsors and donors make that possible, but they need to be customized to suit customer engagement and data presentation behind the scenes. That isn’t always easy, but our customized nonprofit fundraising software solutions can help.

First, we’ll help you create web forms that gather the right information the first time around. Gather information from social media, websites, mobile applications, and other multichannel sources. Whatever your current approach to web forms, we can accommodate and extend its usefulness even further by integrating it into your nonprofit marketing software.

DVI360’s customized platforms also make it easy to identify common nonprofit web form pain points. Address issues like usability, user experience, and data collection by quickly checking statistics, like bounce or incompletion rates, from right within a single platform. Visualize the data to identify trends and patterns so you can make more intelligent decisions about how to adjust your collection methods.

Automatically import real-time data into your system from all of your webforms. You can even set up automatic task generation, which means a task can be assigned to a certain employee whenever a form is submitted. Increase your customer support satisfaction by not letting anyone slip through the cracks!

Nonprofit Fundraising & Donor Management Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Nonprofit Fundraising & Donor Management Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.

Automatic Retainer Invoicing

A significant majority of nonprofits rely on freelance workers and contractors to get the job done. These talented individuals make it possible for nonprofits to access the skills they need without hiring an expensive in-house department to handle tasks in graphic design, web development, writing, legal services, social media management, and even public relations.

Retainers, like most subscriptions and regular payments, must be managed properly in order to make it an effective method of doing business. But retainer scheduling and definitions (including payment amounts, payment triggers, milestones and more) aren’t always the same for every business, much less every contractor. Thus, standard invoicing and subscription management solutions often provide lackluster support.

It makes much more sense for nonprofits to use a fully-customizable platform. That’s where we come in.

Our custom software solutions let you automate the retainer process without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Whether you pay contractors after milestones, monthly, weekly, or even daily, we can create a system that takes away many classic pain points for easier process management.

This alone is incredibly beneficial, but we go beyond standard management options to provide you with more. Create custom retainers with automated, AI-driven triggers for rollover hours, rate triggers, recurring projects, solo projects, budget changes, and time management demands.

Prefer to allow your contractor to manage their own retainer? Most platforms can be customized to provide mobile access to invoicing and payment requests from both sides. Have your retainer submit an invoice, then set up a trigger to send it on to the right person for approval. Once it’s approved, another trigger sends it on to Accounts Payable. From there, additional triggers mark it upon completion and file it away in financing for later reference.

Our Automatic Retainer Updates system can also provide timely notifications to you and your contractors. Get notified when contracts are low on hours, when they’re about to expire, or when you need to alter the project for easier management.

Ready to Upgrade Your Nonprofit Fundraising Software?

Organize, centralize, and strategize with a new system and solution.

At DVI, we believe nonprofits play an essential role in the world. From fundraising to providing social support for vital causes, your organization makes this world a better place. When nonprofits have the right custom software solutions at their disposal, they can exceed expectations, becoming a powerful force for good.

When you partner with DVI, you benefit from decades of combined experience in customized software for small and large-scale organizations. We use that experience to help you stick to your budget, curb extraneous costs, plan for the future, and follow every campaign through from the moment of creation to the moment you announce it a success.

Empower yourself to become a better nonprofit through improved management strategies. Set goals, create campaigns, track your results, and communicate with donors, volunteers, and employees alike all from within the same software platform. The money you save streamlining your work processes will result in a platform that essentially pays for itself.