Podio Tasks

Podio Tasks help break down larger projects and deliverables into small checklist items. Within each Podio Item, you are able to create and assign Tasks to help lay out a project. If you select an Item and scroll down, you will see where all related Tasks are displayed. You can also see an image of who a Task is assigned to, as well as the due date. Please see the example screenshot featured below.


Podio Tasks | Defined Ventures, Inc.



When Podio Tasks are created, your screen should display like this:


Podio Tasks | Defined Ventures, Inc.



When creating Podio Tasks, keep in mind the following:

  • You can only assign a Task to one person. If you assign a Task to two people, two Tasks will be created.
  • Set up a notification reminder to let you know approaching due dates.
  • Set Tasks to reoccur when creating them if you have weekly or monthly duties. You can do this by clicking the arrowed circle to the left of the green Create Task button.
  • Add personal labels┬áto Tasks that only you can see for increased organization.
  • Monitor Tasks that you delegate to others.
  • Attach files to Tasks if they are specific to the Task. If files are needed for the entire project (for example, a logo file will come in handy in several Tasks) attach the file to the item itself so that it is easy to find.