8 Shopify App Integrations to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store

8 Shopify App Integrations to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store - Defined Ventures, Inc.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce setups around; that’s why so many ERP providers embed it in their systems. As a plugin, it does a lot of the technical heavy lifting for businesses so marketers can focus on more important tasks. But Shopify’s strengths also include an incredible selection of additional apps to improve store functionality. These apps take the platform to the next level, and include everything from handy automation functions to bleeding-edge technology that supports more effective marketing.

The problem lies in the fact that the sheer number of available apps can make it difficult to determine what’s best for your business. If you’re lost in a sea of options, we want to help. Here are our eight favorite apps we’ve come across in the Shopify app integrations database.


Running a website without quality images (or worse, none at all) may have been viable in the early 2000’s when the internet didn’t know any better. Fast forward to now and the first few images a visitor sees on your site significantly impact how long they stick around. It pays to make those images compelling.

Filling your site with high-quality and catchy images is a great way to reduce your bounce rate, especially on your landing page. Formatting and optimizing your images for websites involves a lot of tinkering with programs like Gimp and Photoshop. Good news: there’s an app for that.

Crush.pics allows a user of nearly any experience level to modify images to fit on various website layouts. It automates many routine image editing tasks whether you’re building a desktop layout, mobile theme, or merely optimizing website performance. Crush.pics compresses images as you upload them, makes file management easier for you, but it also attaches SEO tags with ease and handles other tasks flawlessly.


Finding leads is just the initial challenge in marketing; converting them into a real buying customer is another thing. GrooveJar is a diverse app that makes lead conversion simple and hassle-free. It’s a collection of powerful tools to help you raise your conversion rates above the industry average of three percent.

GrooveJar allows you to obtain a visitor’s email address through pop-up tools that are highly customizable. There are eight in total to choose from, preventing your website from feeling stale. Groove Urgent is the primary feature of this app and is the secret to the suite’s success; it encourages visitors to provide their email address in exchange for discounts, coupons, or any type of incentive you want to offer.


Once you’ve obtained visitor emails with GrooveJar, it’s time to capitalize on your email marketing strategy. Klaviyo is one of the most powerful tools available with Shopify thanks to its data collection and integration abilities. In fact, Klaviyo and GrooveJar are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other.

You’ll have a much easier time with personalized marketing, which enables you to make an average of 75 dollars per every dollar spent on the app. Digital vendors know abandoned online carts are a non-trivial sink in potential revenue.

Klaviyo is unique in that it targets visitors who start a browsing session even if there’s nothing in their cart. The app also allows you to spot browser patterns easily, so you can focus on the more commonly visited locations on your site. Then, you can use that information to structure new campaigns that work.


User reviews can make or break your company’s reputation. Around 92 percent of consumers scroll through peer reviews to get a more authentic take on the product. Consequently, 63 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from websites that allow users to review their products. Having a good grasp on your user reviews is essential for your success and you’ll need an app to manage them.

Yotpo makes it easier for you to foster more reviews on your site. It emails customers with a reminder to review products they purchased. Yotpo takes it a step above similar apps by letting the consumer review the product through that email. They’re more likely to follow through when you make their life easier. You can also set up Yotpo to manage your user-generated content across all of your social media platforms and create Google ads with your reviews.


Implementing a chatbot into your website is one way to make it feel alive and interactive, even when you aren’t personally available. Most people know they’re just talking to an AI, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ineffective hook. That’s where ChattyPeople comes in.

Chattypeople is designed to integrate with your website and Shopify at the same time, so it’s easy to get going quickly with an existing or new setup. It’s fantastic, especially if you’re using a Facebook account for your business. You don’t need any coding experience and it’s one of the more popular chat apps around.


Package tracking is a must for some consumers, whether it’s due to their busy schedule or for peace of mind. Keeping track of every shipment you make and relaying each step of the process to every customer is nearly impossible to do without help. High-volume businesses can forget about that idea without any sort of automation, but there’s a solution.

AfterShip makes your and your customers’ lives easier by doing the heavy lifting of tracking shipments. It automatically updates and notifies consumers of where their purchase is and also displays it in your store. Rather than relying on per-request information provision, it works automatically in the background hands-free.


You don’t need to solely rely on grandiose and expensive marketing campaigns to get more visibility. Word-of-mouth is highly valuable and its impact seems to only increase over time. Nearly 83 percent of consumers who were polled in ReferralCandy’s study were happy with a given product would give it a positive rating and referral. However, 29 percent of them actually followed through with this intent. Another study shows that friends and family who receive referrals are 90 percent more likely to buy that product.

How do you entice consumers to actually review products? ReferralCandy can help. It rewards the customer with cash back, a discount, or any other reward you choose. This next-gen app also provides you with multiple ways to notify the consumer, including pop-ups, email, and a referral link for the user to share on their social media platforms.

Bulk Discounts

Discounts are excellent incentives for visitors to get more value for their dollar at your store. Bulk Discounts makes it easy for you to create and manage discount codes with only a few clicks. Create one-time use or limited time offers and track how well they’re performing. It’s a relatively simple yet powerful Shopify app integrations.

The base Shopify experience is a good one, but most clients do eventually need apps to make it memorable. Apps that automate mundane tasks are especially worthwhile, as is any plugin that lets you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Your customer will notice when you put in that extra bit of effort to make your e-commerce store stand out among peers.


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