Automated Lead Management


Project Management


Double booking yourself or unsure of the time projects will take you? Our software for sales CRM solutions feature very detailed estimation tools – so that you know how long each project will take. Move your clients through your sales funnel by following automated steps at each stage, and by using scheduled follow-up notifications to make sure no one slips through the cracks.

Tie It All Together


Kick your sales up a notch by automatically segmenting your leads in your marketing software; this allows you to target customers and analyze user data. Use Cordial, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or one of our custom templates to reach your customers using your sales CRM data.


An affordable option starts with our template, which is then customized to your business.

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Pipeline Reporting

Know the status of all your sales, and what is needed to move them forward.

Custom Dashboards

Have each agent only see their workload to prevent overwhelming demands.

MailChimp Integration

As user data is imported, event-driven marketing software sends your leads relevant info.

Lead Management

Create automations, such as email notifications and scheduled reminders.

Purchase Order Automation

Integrate a fulfillment service so an order is generated when a sale is made.

Continued Support

We stand by our product and want to give the best customer service possible. We know you’ll be back.

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