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At Defined Ventures, we know managing inventory can be difficult, especially in high-volume multi-channel businesses. It takes only a single failure anywhere along your most common workflows to disrupt the entire inventory management process. When those failures occur, it interrupts fulfillment and prevents you from getting the job done in a timely manner.

Fixing inventory management issues quickly is critical. Delayed correction and incorrect procurement causes businesses to lose money, time, sales, and even customers. Failures often occur in a domino effect, with just a small issue spiraling into a significant long-term problem that causes significant damage.

You can’t always predict demand, but you can identify changes faster if you have the right software. Our inventory management experts understand what causes inventory issues, how you can predict them, and how you can correct them lightning-fast if and when they occur.

Our biggest strength? Seeing how your business is unique, and then addressing those unique needs in the best way possible.

Put the power of information back in your hands where it belongs so you can make more intelligent and informed decisions about your business.

We understand that managing inventory ranges greatly between businesses. We know that businesses can grow extremely quickly and that it can be overwhelming at times. Defined Ventures builds systems that not only manage your inventory, but also connect your team, provide comprehensive data reports, and increase effective communication between you, your team, and your customers.

When interdepartmental communication improves, workflows improve. Everyone stays in the loop, ensuring efficiency and preventing process snags. Live, real-time systems support inventory management interactions, right from initial procurement through customer fulfillment.

For large-scale warehouses, dropshippers, department stores, and other large-scale decentralized inventory-based businesses, this collaborative and communicative approach is critical. We build every platform to be collaborative, integrative, and packed with features to help you work and manage from almost anywhere.

At Defined Ventures, our inventory management software solutions tackle both workflow fluidity and interdepartmental communication at the same time.

To optimize your workflow and interdepartmental communication, we rely on a system platform, like Podio. By using ready-made software such as Quickbooks, Shopify, Stitch Labs and much more, we connect your departments’ favored software to a unified system. We build around pre-existing platforms and tools you’re already using, making it easier for departments and staff to get on board quickly.

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Many free or inexpensive software solutions, like Shopify, allow one product location. Plan for expansion by integrating a multi-warehouse solution.


Monitor trending products and set low stock notifications for popular items. Alert yourself to order more or have your system order automatically.


Keep track of purchase orders, contracts, and other important documents by adding a document manager to your system. Send, collaborate, and edit documents online.


Kick your organization level up a notch by tracking SKU data. By integrating SKUs, your system can provide customized dashboards for inventory data.


Create customer satisfaction by implementing automated customer service emails. Notify customers when their order has been received, processed, shipped, and delivered.


Monitor trends and marketing campaigns by utilizing real-time reporting. Test social media campaigns and customer interaction with automated reports.

Custom Notifications

Each employee has the ability to adjust notifications and alerts according to their specific role and workload, like task assignment, project comments and more.

Seller Tracking

Gain insight into which products are selling the best, and where and when they’re selling. Use marketing data to plan events, promotions, and campaigns.

Vendor Management

As your business grows, so will your vendors. We’ll create a system with the future in mind, so you can focus on growing rather than day-to-day operations.

Dynamic Inventory

Manufacture your own inventory? We’ve created processes that have saved companies thousands of dollars by analyzing and optimizing their manufacturing workflow.

Automated Notifications

Never miss a beat.

Inventory management is all about staying “in the know.” At any given time, you need to be able to identify how much inventory you have, whether your inventory is available, and which workers are currently interacting with or processing the inventory through the system. The faster you know about an issue, the faster you can address it. We create software platforms that give you rapid, real-time access to notifications.

  • Low Inventory
  • Large Orders
  • Customer Status
  • Task Assigned

Customize your notifications on an employee basis to filter out unnecessary spam. Assign employees to specific projects, or have managers assigned to multiple projects. Each employee has full control over which projects they receive notifications for, when they are assigned a task, when someone mentions them in a comment, and so on.

It’s flexible, scalable, and perfect for businesses of every size.

Inventory Management Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Inventory Management Software | Defined Ventures, Inc.

Product Tracking

Stay on top of (heavy) workloads.

Today’s businesses face fierce competition when they roll out new products. Inventory shortages, fulfillment problems, and inappropriately addressed campaign needs can sour you in the public eye, causing frustration.

When customers don’t receive their products on time, or when fulfillment doesn’t match expectations, they become frustrated. Many will take to social media to share their concerns, compounding the problem and causing reputation issues. It all comes back to the same thing: reliable product tracking.

Inventory Management Software Customization

Solutions that integrate, automate, and simplify.

One of the best features built into every inventory management solution from Defined Ventures is cross-channel or multi-channel tracking. We can integrate SKU data, purchase orders, contracts, item popularity statistics, customer emails, order volume, mentions, pre-orders and more to determine how much inventory you need at any given time.

Estimate, analyze, track, forecast, and cross-check multichannel data at the drop of a hat. Decisions become based on evidence, letting you feel more confident about how you proceed.

Track new products in conjunction with social media campaigns by integrating a reporting software, like Tableau, with your system. Have access to real-time reports so you can plan ahead for inventory, campaigns, and holidays.

Manufacturing your own products? Our experts understand the manufacturing industry and its relationship to sales. Shine brighter than ever with dynamic inventory management, a system that tracks workflows all the way from procurement of initial materials through creation, sales, and shipping.

Pressed for time? Our software will help you cut down on product tracking time-wasters. Automate your most common manual tasks, like producing regular reports, filtering information, and visualizing data.

Prefer to be hands-on when you can? Our product tracking software lets you jump in and take the wheel whenever manual guidance is desired. When you simply can’t be there, automation takes over using predefined goals, guidelines, and metrics. Customize algorithms and options to best suit the needs of your business, rather than using cookie cutter software that doesn’t quite fit.

Ready to get organized and take control of your workload?

We can give you the tools to help your business grow.