Improve interdepartmental communication, gain a wider perspective, and


If you’re overwhelmed by your business continuously outgrowing it’s project management system, it’s time to think about custom software solutions. Custom software has become more affordable than ever because of integrations. By selecting a main platform for your software, we can connect and integrate thousands of software solutions — some you probably already use — so you can find all of your business’ information and processes in one place.

The best part about integrating software solutions is that we can truly build a unique and customized software for your business. We work together to analyze current business practices, goals, employee roles, and workflow to determine the best course of organization and implementation. Then we design and develop a system to fit your exact needs.

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Interdepartmental Handoffs

Organizations with several departments can increase interdepartmental communication, task assignments, and to-do lists.

Define User Roles & Tasks

Define and assign certain user roles and their visibility of confidential information, even implement a client viewing workspace.

Employee Management

Create an HR workspace to keep track of all employee data, payroll,
forms, time off requests, and a company calendar.

Project and Company Dashboards

Your system will collect data across a multitude of fields. This produces real-time, stunning reports and dashboards.


We have extensive experience in large corporations with optimizing hand-offs, interdepartmental relations and communications


We believe in analyzing the bigger picture before creating the most optimal solution. Our workflow architects design every system.


We believe in creating a long-lasting system that will grow with your business. As your business grows, tweaks and additions may be made, but the overall system and interface will remain the same.

Stop wasting time and money migrating systems.

Scale your business and your software.

C-Suite reporting dashboards, decreased operation costs, and pay-as-you-go features: by combining the best software features, we create the perfect solution to growing your business. Already using QuickBooks to manage finances? Or MailChimp to run marketing campaigns? Or Shopify for inventory management? Don’t worry; you can still keep all of your current projects, data, and features from all of your favorite software.

We’ll connect it all together so you can manage employee communication, marketing campaigns, finances, employee management, and inventory all in the same place. No more digging around for data or a to-do list; everything is now neatly laid out for you.

See the bigger picture

C-Suite Dashboards

  • Advanced Reporting Dashboards
  • Custom Metrics
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Data Visualization Integration

By integrating reporting software, like Tableau, with your system, you can pull in data across a variety of software. This eliminates the need to pull data manually, which can be time-consuming and allow for human error. As a result, management gets a broader perspective across all departments.

Consolidate your data with

Employee Tracking & Management

Keep all of your departments in the loop with employee management built into your system. Request additional manhours and employees, manage new hire searches and information, notify HR, and give user credentials all within your system.

Let's build a system you'll love.

We'll design a system that fits your business perfectly as you grow.