Tired of spending time answering customer status emails? With automatic email notifications, customers are proactively notified at each stage of their project.


Project handoffs between departments have never been easier! Once a project status is changed, the next responsible party is automatically notified.


No matter what your industry is or how your business operates, we can collect scattered data and have it pulled into one beautiful, complete dashboard.

A birds-eye view of all departments so you can

Manage Your Entire Team

Having trouble finding the perfect software that matches all of your needs? We can help. We bring together pieces of the different types of software you already love: Quickbooks, Shopify, Podio, Tableau, Panda Docs; you name it. We then house them under one umbrella, so you only have to log into one platform to see all of your data, task lists, employees, clients, supplies, orders, and more.

Every business is different. No matter the size, industry, or current platform, we’ll put our heads together to build the perfect solution for your business.

Custom Automations

We know how varied manufacturing businesses are. Need automated printing templates, shipping lables, status reports, or tasks lists? We don’t fit your business in a box; we build the box around you.

Inventory Tracking

From design to customer service, track your data, inventory, and materials all within the same system. No more jumping platforms to manage e-commerce, inventory, shipping, employees, etc.

Employee Management

Whether your employees are salaried, hourly, commissioned, freelance, or all of the above, you can manage hours, finances, accounts, and paperwork all within your system.

eCommerce Integration

If expanding your business means outgrowing your current e-commerce management system, integrate both your e-commerce platform and inventory management platform.

Automations for Manufacturing

Efficiency Tools for Your Business

We start by analyzing your current business practices and interviewing different employee roles. Then we work together to design a system that answers all of your workflow issues. We then build your system using the latest automations and most popular integrations.

Let's get started.
Keep detailed order information with

Sales Order Management

From ordering supplies to e-commerce integrations to tracking shipping inforamtion, keep detailed sales order information with ease. We build the perfect system by integrating the latest e-commerce software, inventory management software, project management software, sales CRM, and more.

Contact Management

  • Client Profiles
  • Detailed Shipping Info
  • Automated Status Updates
  • Marketing Integrations

Keep track of client interactions with detailed client profiles. Whenever an email is sent or received, a comment is automatically notated on the individual’s account. Employees can leave detailed notes of conversations, special pricing, automatic reorders, and more.

Customize your system once and for all.

No more outgrowing software or migrating data.