Podio Calendar

Before you write off Podio’s calendar because you have your own in Outlook or Google or on your phone, Podio calendars can sync with Google and Outlook. Podio’s calendar is one of the most helpful tools within Podio. Just like email notifications, you need to set up your calendar preferences to prevent getting overwhelmed.

Step One: Go to your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon to the right of the Podio logo. This is where you will come at the beginning of every day to see what tasks are due for the day or the week. Click on the wrench on the right-hand side (below the Podio chat icon) to open settings.

Step Two: If you are a standard Podio user (not a manager), check the box “Directly involving me” and “include tasks”. This ensures that you keep track of every project that you are managing and working on, as well as your individual tasks. If you assign tasks to others, or are regularly involved in projects that you do not complete tasks for, check the “Involving and related to me”. If you are a manager and manage several people, check the “Everything date-related in all the workspaces I’m a member of” and “Directly involving me”.

Some employees may work solely off of Podio’s calendar, like technicians. You can export your calendar to sync with Google and Outlook by clicking “Export” in the settings.

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