You may find a solution that fits most of your needs, but not all of them. By customizing your system using Podio, you can pick and choose the features that are right for your unique business.


Podio brings a sleek interface, compact and informative design, and mobile access. We bring dozens of years of workflow architecture and business consulting experience; we know we’ll build your perfect system.


Tired of logging into a dozen different software platforms? We integrate the best features from platforms you already use to give you simplicity and ease of use. Manage everything right from your Podio workspace.

Tired of migrating systems every other year?

Let's Build a System that Grows With You

We know small businesses. We know that more often than not, small businesses quickly outgrow their system and, before you know it, are scrambling to find a solution while struggling to maintain day-to-day operations. We’ve been there. The only way to fix this issue is to design a system that grows with you – not against you. By creating a system that not only anticipates your needs but also allows for company growth, you can finally dedicate brainpower to growing and expanding your brand. Clean out the clutter, confusion, and miscommunication – once and for all.

Customized Features


Every business is different. Why subscribe to a one-size-fits-all system when a completely customized system can save you time, money, and frustration? Together, we analyze your business’ current practices to see which areas are strong and which areas need help. Then we start designing your ideal system by integrating high-performing software and time-saving automations.



Need to spend more time on sales? Our CRM helps get your sales team organized by tracking everything from leads and deals, to a post-mortem after the sale and project are completed.


Turning your focus to marketing so sales can always have warm leads? Itegrate popular, tried-and-true marketing software, like MailChimp or Marketo, or Hootesuite to strategize and execute campaigns.

Project Management

Spending your day delegating instead of getting some work done? Automated task lists help track what your team is working on and help them get through it faster; no more searching for work.


Do you need help building up operations so they have the capacity to work on the sales coming in? Bring a variety of software solutions under the same roof so you can manage operations all from the same place.

Collect data across a variety of platforms

Custom Reporting

Manually pulling data across several software platforms can be tedious. Collect data from all integrated platforms, like Quickbooks, MailChimp, and Shopify, to gain a wider perspective of your business. Add in a data reporting software, like ChartMogul, for seamless reporting and beautifully professional dashboards.

Keep your clients in-the-know and minimize confusion

Client-Facing Workspace

If you’re managing long-term projects that require client input and approval,
consider a client-facing workspace. By giving your client’s access to your workflow process (and keeping confidential information and notes private), communication and needs are readily available. This minimizes client confusion, clearly lays out responsibilities, and replaces unnecessary emails.

Ready to take control of your business?

Finally get back on track with a custom solution by Podio.
Our Process

How Does it Work?

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The road to getting your business organized begins with filling out our contact form. If you are unsure about any of the fields, that’s okay! We just want to get a general idea of your business’ wants and needs.

You'll Hear From Us

Our Software Engineer Team

After we receive your contact information, our Software Engineer Team will reach out to you with any further questions or clarifications.


Let's Meet and Greet

In our onboarding call, we’ll show you a demo of our base template, plus additional integrations and add-on features. This is where we can assess your business needs and customize your CRM to fit.

What to Bring

How to Prepare for Your Call

The main goal of our onboarding call is to determine which features best suit your business. We’ll go over workflow, employee roles, and goals.


We Connect Your System

It only takes us five business days to connect your customized system. We’ll meet again to make sure it’s exactly to your specifications. We then turn it over to you and your team for bug test and approval.

Training + Support

Ongoing Customer Support

We recommend allowing for two weeks of employee training and implementation. We will be available if you have any questions.