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How Automation, Individualization in Business Processes Affect Your Brand | Defined Ventures, Inc.
What is automation? This is something that comes up frequently, and that is because of how important automation can be to any industry. Automation can best be simplified as something that your software system does for you so that you don’t need to. This can be as simple as an email after someone has been...
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Why Every Business Needs a Computer Crash Plan | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Digital data is the modern business’s most precious asset. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly lost or destroyed business assets in the business world today. Rapidly expanding technology means businesses are stepping into a fully digital world; that’s (mostly) a good thing. It also means that there’s a higher risk for potential issues...
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Today's Business Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of SaaS | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The SaaS software industry is booming with business! It’s fantastic news for providers, who are reaping the benefits directly. But new and improved cloud-based SaaS platforms can seriously benefit businesses, too, in ways that can significantly impact SMBs’ ability to achieve success in today’s global market. The shift to SaaS started slowly about a decade...
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Business Process Automation: Top 4 Benefits | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Are you using business automation software yet? If the answer is no, we have some compelling examples to show you that we believe will effectively change your mind. This one secret ingredient can effectively improve your business, win you more conversions, improve client relations, lessen the workload on employees, reduce required manpower and even lessen...
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Why Businesses Are Making The Switch To SaaS | Defined Ventures, Inc.
The term SaaS (software as a service) has emerged in recent years as synonymous with software. Traditionally, since the eighties, software was available as a hard copy, first disc and then to CD. The hard copy was then downloaded into your computer, and that was that. No updates, no added features. If you wanted the...
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Inventory Management: Run Your Business, Not The Other Way Around | Defined Ventures
Inventory management can be tricky. Say an order comes in through your online store. You receive the order, then go to look for the item and after searching for a half hour, find that it’s completely out of stock. You’re frustrated because your spreadsheet says you have two more, plus you have to reorder. This...
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Streamlining Your Business Workflow Processes To Improve Efficiency | Defined Ventures, Inc.
Every business manager or owner has the same overall goal: run your business as smoothly as possible with as few errors, delays, and issues as possible. Achieving this target isn’t so easy, even if you have years of experience running a business. Every aspect of a process can create potential pitfalls and problems, and often,...
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business management software | DVI360
That’s a comprehensive umbrella term that often includes human resource management platforms, sales integrations, customer relationship management (CRM) programs, financial reporting programs, and a whole host of other potential software solutions. Despite the variance, all business management software share one common goal: assisting you in solving your business’s biggest problems. For America’s businesses, “problems” often...
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Cloud Based | DVI360
In the past few years there has been a shift in the software industry to cloud based business management software. The benefits of having a cloud based software are numerous and include easily accessible information, ability to integrate with other systems, and bringing together all departments with one system. Migrating software should not be taken...
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