Podio Organizations

A Podio Organization is the largest container in Podio. Organizations house all of your company’s workspaces, apps, items, and all information. Unless you belong to multiple companies that use Podio, you should be a part of only one organization.

To view your organizations, click the hamburger icon (the icon with three short, horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner of Podio. This view shows the breakdown of all organizations and workspaces that you are a part of. As you can see below, I am a part of two organizations: Defined Ventures, Inc. and Super Heavy Element. Within those organizations, I am a part of three workspaces under Defined Ventures, Inc. and two workspaces under Super Heavy Element. These are the only organizations and workspaces that I have access to.

If you are supposed to have access to an organization or workspaces and it is not listed under this view, contact your system administrator to gain access.

Developer Tip: You cannot connect data across organizations without a completely custom solution.

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