4 Time-Saving Automations

Automating your workflow can save you hours a day on clerical work. 

What are automations? Simply put, automations are actions that your computer does instead of your employees. Are there any time-consuming, mundane tasks that eat up your employees’ time? Identifying these tasks is the first step in integrating automations into your workflow. Take a look at our most requested time-saving automations. Which ones can you integrate into your business?

Customer Email Notifications

We as customer love getting updates on the status of our order (think Dominos’ Pizza Tracker). As your customer’s order moves through the different stages, an email will be sent out to notify them of the status. Depending on your product, this can be as specific as letting the customer know when their order is received, created, processed, and out for shipping. This simple automation can save your employees a step, cut down on human error, and increase positive customer service interactions. 

Tracking Production

Keep a close eye on your production expenses by implementing easier tracking throughout your system. If there is an order that is partially filled, damaged, or destroyed, you can record it by the click of a button instead of relying on employees’ notes. This can also prevent any re-entering in orders or starting the order from scratch. Set up notifications so that if there is a problem, you, the manager, are in the know.

Project Templates

Finding yourself making the same action items, tasks, and assignments for every project? Save time with project templates, which automatically create the necessary action items, tasks, forms, and employees needed.

Autofill Quotes, Invoices, and More

If filling out and formatting quotes and invoices is starting to feel like a part-time job, automate it.  Take existing customer information, your business’ information, terms, pricing, scope, etc., that has already been entered into your system and generate professional-looking documents. Email PDF or Word documents to your clients with ease and without leaving your system. Quotes, invoices, packing lists, purchase orders, sales orders, agreements, scopes — the possibilities are endless.

Have an idea for an automation? Let’s put our heads together.

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