Choosing Photos for Instagram to Grow Your Business

Choosing photos for Instagram plays a big role in your overall branding image.

1. Establish an overall aesthetic and mood

Take your company’s branding into account when choosing Instagram photos. Are they serious, casual, warm, inviting, inspiring, or funny? Make sure that the overall tone matches the tone of your business and how you interact with customers. Create a mood board out and display it so you can be reminded.

2. Incorporate your color scheme or a seasonal color scheme

The biggest key to making sure your Instagram profile looks cohesive and professional is establishing a color scheme.

3. Be positive

But appeal to emotions. Hootsuite writes, “The journal Psychological Science published a study about the psychology of sharing which proved that evoking certain emotions can help increase the chance of a message being shared.” Sharing uplifting (instead of controversial) news will resound with the majority of your audience, increasing shares and exposure.

4. Balance

Make sure to have an interesting array of photos. Your content will depend on the industry that your business is in. Regardless of topic, make sure you have a variety of image types to keep followers stimulated and interested. Mix it up between images of people, nature, products, macro shots, work environment, etc.

5. Be authentic

The key to good content creation is documenting, not creating. The majority of you content should not be creating projects that are only for Instagram. Instead, document what your company is doing, creating, focusing, etc. This will create a more sustainable content creation environment. If you need to use stock photos, make sure they don’t look like stock photos! Instagram appreciates craft, uniqueness, and authenticity. Make sure your photos reflect your business accurately. 

Have any tips on choosing photos for Instagram? Let us know in the comments section below!

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