Email marketing has stood the test of time.

Email marketing is unique because it is not a social media platform in and of itself. It’s a medium free from a company’s control and is ever changing. We as email receivers are constantly on the quest to receive less and less irrelevant emails.  When email was first introduced, it was a form of communication; text messaging and chats have replaced that. Fast forward fifteen years and the majority of the emails in your personal inbox are probably promotional or event-driven. You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to tailor your experience.

This choose-your-own-adventure approach has allowed email marketing to continue to grow. Some of us want to know the latest news, products, or sales. We can be fans of any business we want. So what does this mean for your customers? It means that you can market your emails towards your fans and increase engagement with people who actually want your advertising.

MailChimp has reigned as email marketing platform for many years. They recently announced additional features…or at least made existing features way easier to use. Now you can send automatic orders, refunds, shipping confirmations and more. This isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but it definitely makes sending and tracking automatic emails a lot easier. See the details pulled from their press release:

Order Confirmation: Sends customers a receipt after they buy something from your store, complete with details about their order

Order Invoice: Similar to an order confirmation, an order invoice sends to a customer once their transaction has been successfully processed. If you don’t charge customers when they place an order, consider sending an order invoice instead.

Shipping Confirmation: Don’t keep your customers guessing about when to expect their order. This notification will let them know their item on the way as soon as it ships.

Refund Confirmation: You might occasionally receive refund requests if a customer doesn’t like a product or there was an issue with their order. (It happens!) Since refunds take time to process, you can set up a notification that sends to customers once their refund has finished processing.

Cancellation Confirmation: Enable a cancellation confirmation notification to help your customers confirm when an order has been successfully canceled. This notification is triggered to send when a customer cancels an order they made from your store.

The nice thing about integrating Podio and MailChimp is that you can manage your contacts from your Podio workspace and it will automatically update in MailChimp. No more double-entering in data or worrying about which platform has the most up-to-date changes. Sync MailChimp with Podio and get started streamlining your email marketing.

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