Is Your Business Outgrowing Your Project Management System?

If you find yourself sifting through pages of project comments, unaware of how much time is being spent on each client, and/or getting lost in your project management system, your company has outgrown your current software.


Finding the right project management system involves striking a happy balance between two goals: 1) providing a user-friendly platform for your employees, and 2) gathering data for detailed reporting.

When business first start out they tend to neglect the latter until gathering data becomes a necessity for prospective investors, time management, hiring employees, and more. This causes growing businesses to be forced into migrating their systems to a more comprehensive project management software–costing time, money, and headaches. But what if there was a project management system that could grow with you?

“What if there was a project management system
that could grow with you?”

Using Podio for your business’ project management system can provide basic functions (like creating clients, deliverables, and tasks) and allows for adding more advanced data reporting as you go. Instead of having a project management software (like Basecamp, for example), a time clock software, a file database software, and an employee database software, Podio can combine all of these functions into a seamless, user-friendly interface that will allow you to see how efficient your business really is.

All too often, we see businesses bend over backwards for a client without knowing exactly how much time and money is spent on that particular client. Because Podio can integrate a time clock into a specific deliverable for a client, you can see exactly how much time your employees are spending on each task, project, and the client as a whole.

Say goodbye to endless streams of comments, wondering if an uncompleted task has even been started, employees having to log in over multiple systems, and not knowing where your time is being spent—it’s all in Podio, and it’s easier than you’d expect.

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