Finding it difficult to get back to work after the three day weekend? You are not alone.

Start knocking things off your to-do list and find your inner worker bee by following the steps below!


First things first, make a giant to-do list of all of your tasks. This includes tasks that may seem small and/or tasks that you have been procrastinating. Once you have compiled a list, divide into three categories: tasks that you have been putting off, daily tasks, and future tasks. Within each category, estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task and rearrange accordingly from smallest amount of time to largest amount of time.


You know that one task that you have been procrastinating that leaves a pit in your stomach every time you think about it? Complete that one first. There is a parable about a man who is given an entire day to swallow a frog. Will he get it over with and swallow it in the morning and go about his day? Or will he wait and put it off until the evening, dreading it the entire day? Completing the dreaded task early on will give you the motivational boost you need to keep going.


Now that you are feeling nice and productive from swallowing your metaphoric frog, tackle your to-do list. Begin by completing the tasks you have been procrastinating, starting with the one that takes the least amount of time. Studies show that even crossing an item off of a list—no matter how long it took to complete—brings satisfaction. Once you see those tasks start to disappear, you will feel productive and optimistic about completing the rest of your list.

Productivity often has a snowball effect. Once you get the ball rolling, you will feel productive and back to yourself in no time. Completing one task is better than none at all, so give yourself some credit and just keep going!

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