This is the Year: Going the Extra Mile

As you reflect on 2016, ask yourself, “going forward, what changes can I make to go the extra mile?” Our tips for going the extra mile for your business! 

Whether you just started your business this past year or are a seasoned entrepreneur, there is always more that can be done to set your business apart from your competitors. From strategy to employees to customers, here are six tips for going the extra mile to ramp up your business.

Get your financial ducks in a row

This may seem like a no-brainer. However, many small business owners find that their finances are more reactive than proactive. Make sure you meet with a financial advisor to plan out your fiscal year. By doing this proactively, you can have a better idea of where your business stands in the marketplace.

Become business-savvy

You went into business because you are good at what you do. Whether it’s plumbing, accounting, or retail, you are in business because you have a specific skill. However, not everyone has an innate knack for business. Sometimes the best plumbers, accountants, and retailers are the worst businessmen. To sharpen your skills, meet with a business advisor. Make sure that your advisor teaches you how to fish, not catches fish for you!

Sharpen a skill

There are several facets of your industry. Whether it’s shipping, finances, or graphic design, learning a new skill can help improve yourself AND your business. And you may even find a new hobby! Skillshare is a great start for learning how to tweak your website, organize your finances, or learning the latest technological advances.

Ramp up your customer service

In the restaurant business, it is often said that people come for the food, but they return for the customer service. With the massive increase in online retailers and services, customer service is what now sets companies apart if you can’t compete with the internet’s prices. Whether it’s hiring another account manager or up training your employees, always think of the customer’s experience and how you can make it even better. There are several sites that allow for customer surveys, so you can easily identify your companies weaknesses.

Social Media Strategy

Is your social media halfway there? Make it a point in 2017 to meet with a strategist to set you on the right track to increasing your followers. Make sure you deliver quality content, consistently post, and interact with your fan base. If you are unable to keep up with it on your own, hire a designer to manage your social media.

Take care of your health

Make sure to take care of yourself first! Studies show that active people live more positive, healthy, and balanced lives. Make sure you promote a healthy atmosphere for yourself, your family, and your employees. Allow for standing desks or exercise balls (yes, you’ll have to be THAT person). The reality is that over a third of all Americans will get a herniated disk at some point in their life due to excessive sitting. Healthy employees=happy employees!

What are some other tips for going the extra mile? Sound off in the comments below!

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