This past week, Google launched their newest Google Optimize feature, which allows A/B testing and tracking. This new feature is in beta testing and you can sign up for it here. This allows companies to track the success of different components, from call-to-action placement to body copy. It got us thinking, why is A/B testing important? What else can we A/B test?  And, finally, what are some proven A/B testing tactics? We’ll break it down below.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a common marketing exercise that allows companies to test out two different approaches on a small sample of their audience. After analyzing the results, a winner is chosen and that winner is sent out to the remaining audience.

Why is A/B Testing Important?

A/B testing does cost more upfront because you’re paying for two different options. However, the amount spent is usually minimal compared to the proven success of the winner. Marketing agencies may shell out thousands to run an ad campaign to a test audience. You can get a similar test results for a fraction of the cost by running an A/B test on a small sample of your actual audience. Because you are experimenting on a portion your real audience, the results are going to be more accurate. As long as you hone in on what element you are testing (and keep it to just one element) the risks are low.

What Can be A/B Tested?

Remember in grade school when you learned about conducting experiments with a control and a variable? Let’s apply that knowledge here. The majority of your A and B should be the same, or controlled. If you make two completely different options, it may be hard to pinpoint what made the winning option more favorable over the losing one. Variables can be as followed:

-where a call-to-action (CTA) leads

-CTA location

-CTA wording

-CTA button color


-tone of copy

-content of copy

-products featured

-colors used

-overall tone (casual, formal, etc.)


-product descriptions

-price advertised



This list is just a starting point to the endless elements that can be A/B tested. What do you A/B test? Here are our recommendations if you are just starting out:

-promotional emails

-email newsletters

-ad campaigns

-social media campaigns


-landing pages

-print materials

Along with Google Optimize, there are several companies that foster and track A/B testing, such as MailChimp. Hopefully this article was a good introduction to why it’s important to A/B test and how you can get started! If you need any further assistance, drop us a line here and we’d be happy to help.

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