3 Quick Ways to Save on Business Travel

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, here are our top three customer loyalty programs. Is there a great one that we missed? Let us know.


There are plenty of hotel sites out there – Priceline, Expedia, Booking, just to name a few. They all have customer loyalty points, but hotels.com is the best that I’ve found because it offers almost 10% back. For every ten nights you book through their app, you get one night free. The cost of the free night is an average based on the amount paid for the other ten nights. I’ve personally never had an issue with their customer service or booking arrangements.


If you travel a lot, you know that Starbucks=best free internet. Of course, it’s not actually free; you should buy a drink or two while you hang out. Getting Starbucks Rewards not only makes ordering drinks easier (no more judgy looks when you accidently say ‘large’ instead of ‘venti’), but it also helps rack up free drinks to make your internet usage actually free.

pick an airline

Constantly flying? Rather than searching for the cheapest flight across several airlines, pick an airline and stick to it. Sure, you may occasionally overpay by $50 here or $70 there, but the points you rack up will even it out. Also, you can avoid flying on a particular airline that you dislike (ahem, American). I use Delta SkyMiles, but many of my friends use Southwest and like it just as much. Plus you get access to their airport lounges, which makes any layover infinitely better.

Hope this helps! Let me know any loyalty programs I’m missing out on.

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