3 Must-Have Citrix Products

As a Citrix Preferred Partner, we have the advantage of using their products for our clients and our business. Here are three Citrix Products that we can’t live without:


It’s no secret that we love Podio. The customizable platform allows companies to build custom software with full system integrations for a fraction of the cost. By providing the interface and building blocks, Podio brings clean looking, functional custom software to any budget.

While you can technically DIY Podio, hiring a software architect has it’s advantages. Integrating systems requires coding knowledge and experience. Designing an efficient and successful data flow requires a knowledge of business practices, statistical analysis, and experience with the software. We do this all day, every day, for an array of businesses and industries.


ShareFile is nice because it combines file storage and sharing–like Dropbox–but adds a level of collaboration and scalability. Developers love ShareFile because it shares all file types. Businesses love ShareFile because you can add levels of security to sensitive data. Add levels of complexity, like choosing where your data is stored: on site, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

GoTo Meeting

If you’ve ever had to conference call remotely, chances are you’ve probably already used GoToMeeting. With over 16 million users each month, GoToMeeting has reigned as the reliable video conferencing app for years. The key word is reliable. Get HD quality without sacrificing your connection. Businesses love it because you can add Meeting Rooms, so your team can jump on a call at any time with ease. Plus, video conferencing instead of just calling strengthens your connection with your clients and/or coworkers.

President and founder of DVI, Aaron Boerger realized early in life that he had a unique combination of x-ray vision and business acumen for seeing the weaknesses that held businesses back – and the ability to define the right tools, technology and strategy to make them stronger. From founding a successful technology support business in his early teens, to serving as Chief Operating Officer for several companies in the financial, technology and marketing industries, Aaron has developed a reputation for reinventing technology implementation tactics – and the willingness to tell people not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear, in order to achieve success without overwhelm. Aaron will always go the extra mile to provide the accountability and support his clients need to achieve their goals, yet isn’t afraid to tell them when they are doing something wrong.

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