Sneaky Google Docs Scam Will Take Over Your Contact List

A new Google Docs phishing scam is making the rounds and is very well disguised.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the attempt to gain access to sensitive information through disguised sources. You may see this on Facebook from time to time (my grandmother falls for them hook, line, and sinker). Phishing attempts are usually easy to spot, as they are usually clickable links from people you may not have spoken to in a while. If it seems fishy (pun intended), it probably is.

So what about Google Docs?

Google is aware of this particular phishing scam and is working at stopping it. The problem is that the email contains an invitation to allow Google Docs (not the real Google Docs, but a third-party app called Google Docs) to access all of your information. Once you click ‘Allow’, all of your email contacts will be emailed with the same link. The seemingly innocent Google Docs invitation is why this particular scam is spreading like wildfire.

What do I do to prevent it?

In the meantime, don’t accept any Google Docs invitations, especially if it’s from someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Google’s Twitter says that this specific attack should be blocked now, but there may be lingerers.

How do I know if it’s already happened to me?

Check your app permissions in Google. The real Google Docs has access to your account by default, so if you see an app called Google Docs, you’ve been hit. Tap the label and click ‘Remove’ to prevent any further attacks from your account.

We hope this is helpful and prevents you from falling victim to this sophisticated scam. Follow us on Instagram to get updated on the latest developments.

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