3 Business Software Tools To Use in 2017

Don’t see your favorite software on our list? Don’t worry — we are constantly learning about the latest trends and software. Some of our favorite products have come as referrals from our customers. Here are three new features and platforms that we’ve been loving:


PandaDoc is the latest e-signature platform that came across our desk and is quickly taking over the market. It fills a unique niche by providing a document management system that allows you to fully customize and integrate your contracts and forms. Collaborate on documents, add notes for clients, and of course, sign documents with ease.

Integrate Panda Doc with a payment processor so you can use it as your sales tool as well. Once your client signs an agreement, they can pay directly through Panda Doc, eliminating the need for a secondary system that the customer needs to interact with to pay their bill. Track payments with QuickBooks, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more.


Podio and GlobiFlow just released a new feature that let you publish your app packs with all automations so that it can be installed directly into a new workspace. Up until now, you could only publish the template, leaving customers to create their own automations. Automations include everything from basic task generation to email correspondence integrations.

GlobiFlow is a Podio extension (recently acquired by Podio) that allows users create automations via a WYSIWYG editor for Podio’s API. GlobiFlow is essential for creating automations and is accessible through Podio Premium.


Need a simple bookkeeping solution? If you don’t need the customization and full flexibility of the general ledger that QuickBooks brings, FreshBooks is the platform for you.  It makes running your small business easy, fast, and secure, by combining usability with organization. Its simple user interface makes invoices and reports professional and easy-to-use.

Features include automated tasks like expense organization, time tracking, and client follow-up. FreshBooks is also accessible via desktop and mobile.

Have business software tools that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or contact us today.

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