You may have heard the term ‘CRM’ float around.

But what does CRM actually mean?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management [System]”. Simply put, it’s the software that you use to manage everything related to your customer and their experience. CRM is also a broader term used to refer to your management software as a whole, including client relations, project management, and workload.

When we talk about CRMs, we are usually referring to the system that your department or business uses on a daily basis. While you may have different software for other departments (Quickbooks for finances, for example), your CRM is generally the main software that your employees use on a daily basis.


As you may have learned, different departments usually favor a certain software over another. A common example of this that we see on a semi-regular basis is sales team versus project management team. Because each team’s needs vary so much, a sales team may have a software that they favor…and aren’t interested in changing. By working with an open-platform system, like Podio, software is easily integrated so everyone gets a system that they like. Plus, it works seamlessly together so everyone is more incentivized and comfortable with using their department’s system. That’s where we come in — we make sure the hand off from one department to another is easy, user-friendly, and generates triggered task lists.


Depending on your industry, the majority of your client interactions can be automated; you spend less time emailing each customer individually and more time processing their order. This works especially well with eCommerce businesses. Set up an automation to email a customer when their order is received, processing, shipped, and complete.


Track your expected workload and optimize client onboarding, so your client management team can give them the attention they need. Streamline handoff tasks so your client moves through your workflow with ease, transitioning from one team to another without anyone falling through the cracks. There is a lot more to CRM than client interaction. Have an optimal handoff between your sales and project management team by letting them work with the tools they like, but integrated with each other.

Nowadays, CRMs contain a lot more than just client interaction. They can manage workload, generate tasks, integrate with other departments software, and more. We have two CRMs that we offer that can be custom-fit to your business: sales and production. By using pre-built CRM templates and adding on additional features, it allows us to bring custom software at an affordable price. Contact us to get started!

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