Free, Customizable Real Estate CRM

Join the thousands of realtors, brokers, and agents that use Podio to manage properties and clients. With Podio, you can streamline your processes on the go using the Podio App. The best part: it’s free to get started.

With Podio’s Real Estate App Pack, you can begin organizing your time, employees, clients, and properties. Simply join Podio and download their template to get started. The free template provided by Podio is meant for beginner-level organization. If you are a solo realtor, or have an office less than 3 people, the free template is a great starting point.

With Podio’s template, you can set up meeting notifications and share notes on properties or clients. Manage relationships with buyers and sellers by tracking client information and linking properties to clients. Assign tasks based on follow up procedures so no one gets lost in the cracks.

If you’ve outgrown the Podio template (your office has 4+ employees), it’s time to start customizing and adding to your existing template. This is where we can really tailor your system to fit your needs. In addition to the features provided by Podio, we offer:

Automated Customer Service Emails

Never miss an anniversary or birthday again with automated, personalized emails. This is automatically generated when client information is first entered into your system.

Contract Generation

Tired of entering in duplicate information for contracts? Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to automated contract generation. Simply click a button to generate a contract that has all of your clients’ information and terms filled out.

Task Generation for Listing and Closing Checklists

Do you find yourself creating the same checklist of tasks with every property or closing? Instead of re-entering tasks, click a button to generate your templated list of closing and listing checklist tasks.

E-Signature Integrations

Easily send and sign contracts by linking your system to your current e-signature software. We’ve connected Right Signature, DocVerify, DocuSign, and much more.

The best part of customizing your system is that we can build an automation that is tailored to you and your office. If you have an idea for an automation or integration, let us know!

President and founder of DVI, Aaron Boerger realized early in life that he had a unique combination of x-ray vision and business acumen for seeing the weaknesses that held businesses back – and the ability to define the right tools, technology and strategy to make them stronger. From founding a successful technology support business in his early teens, to serving as Chief Operating Officer for several companies in the financial, technology and marketing industries, Aaron has developed a reputation for reinventing technology implementation tactics – and the willingness to tell people not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear, in order to achieve success without overwhelm. Aaron will always go the extra mile to provide the accountability and support his clients need to achieve their goals, yet isn’t afraid to tell them when they are doing something wrong.

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