If You’re Not Using PandaDoc, You Should Be

pandadoc | DVI360Simply put, PandaDoc is a document management system. And it’s awesome.

What is PandaDoc?

I bet you didn’t know you needed a document management system. Imagine being able to collaborate with your clients on quotes, proposals, and contracts. Think Google Docs, where employees and clients can add notes, questions, and comments to branded documents. Every party is on the same page before anything is signed. And forget printing, signing, and scanning in: integrate PandaDoc with your e-signature platform and sign documents right on the screen. A win for you, win for your client, win for the environment.

Why is it so great?

Create a database of templates from quotes to rental agreements. Manage contacts and import or export contact data directly to your project management system (have we mentioned Podio?) Create product databases to add to proposals or quotes, so it populates necessary payment information to keep your quotes customizable.

Do I really need it?

You sure do. PandaDoc really flexes it’s muscles when integrated with a project management platform, like Podio. Once a contract is signed in PandaDoc, it can create a series of automations that assign the appropriate action items and tasks, and alert necessary personnel. It also automatically attaches all documentation to the client’s profile in Podio, so nothing slips through the cracks.

It also allows you to fully customize documents with your branding. We also love PandaDoc because of it’s beautiful and professional interface, custom branding, and dashboard integrations. It’s such a solid integration that we recommend it for the vast majority of our clients (and no, we are not being paid to say that!)

Jump over to PandaDoc’s website to see more info, and let us know if you need help integrating it with your current system.

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