We live in a world of “have it your way.”

Don’t fit yourself into a box.

The number-one reason why we love custom software is that you can build the box around yourself. We experienced it in our own business; numerous project management, employee management, payroll, data analysis, and marketing software. A few times we migrated our company to a new system only to find out that it didn’t all of the features we needed. We realized that we were paying some hefty monthly fees for a bunch of unconnected, almost-there software. We decided to design and develop our own software. We loved the process and results and knew that other businesses could benefit just like us.

Custom grows with your business.

While choosing the perfect software for your business, you probably noticed that there is software catered to entrepreneurs, small businesses, large businesses, and corporations. With custom software, you can design software to project and manage growth. We recommend hiring an experienced business consultant and workflow architect to help design the right system. We used to dread having to upgrade every few years to a more advanced system. After designing our own system, we don’t have to worry about it.

 Minimize human error.

With all of the logins, emails, chats, reports, users, departments, passwords, etc. it can be impossible to stay organized. With custom software, you can bring all of your business’ communication, departments, specialized software, and more into one platform. With platforms like Podio, see the entire breakdown of your organization in one place. Categorize by department and integrate specialized software, like Quickbooks, to manage, create, and import data directly into Podio. Connect software together in Podio to produce comprehensive reports and dashboards. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in designing your own custom software, but may need some help, let us know! We specialize in business and technology consulting. We analyze, design, and develop custom software every single day. See what it’s like to work with us!

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