4 Ways for Small Businesses to Give Back

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. -Henry Ford

Foster a sense of community and an attitude of service by participating in volunteer opportunities with your employees. Gain perspective while helping out local families and organizations in need. Even if you are unable to financially contribute to an organization, there are plenty of ways to give back this year. Christmas time is not the only time for charity—-make it a cornerstone of your business.


Give back to your local community by sponsoring an event hosted by a local charity. Whether you are able to donate funds or man-power, attending the event will provide a sense of community, service, and help a worthwhile cause. Visit createthegood.org to view volunteer opportunities in your area.


Incentivize employees to give back by providing a few volunteer days each year. Employees can volunteer together at events such as the Special Olympics, a local soup kitchen, youth group, and more. Take it one step further by volunteering as an office and make it a team-building exercise. Leading by example is the best way to spread an attitude of service.


While family adoption is popular around Christmas, there are families in need of food and clothing year-round. Support a family in distress by reaching out to your local Salvation Army, churches, and children’s hospitals. You can also support a charity every time you order on Amazon with Amazon Smile. Just visit smile.amazon.com and .5% of all purchases will go towards the charity of your choice.


Again, donation days are popular around Christmas but as we gear up for winter, more and more families are in need of assistance. Donate old winter clothes such as coats, boots, gloves, mittens, etc. to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a local church. Families with children are also in need of school supplies. Host a donation drive at your office and donate the proceeds towards a local school or homeless shelter.

Spread the attitude of giving year-round! What are some ways you give back?

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