Workflows are all around us; we use them in our businesses and our personal life. Designing quality workflows is essential to achieving maximum efficiency in your business. So what is a workflow?

A workflow is a linear, sequential path that outlines steps to a process. It can be anything from employee annual reviews, manufacturing and distribution processes, or how to handle a customer request. Workflows contain detailed steps and accommodate conditions, exceptions, branches, and loops.


Many small businesses grow very quickly, which can lead to workflows outgrowing themselves. To prevent restructuring, strategically plan your workflows to grow WITH your company. Creating a band-aid solution to a workflow problem may fix it in the interim, but can ultimately lead to software migration, new procedures, and retraining of staff—costing you time and money.

Creating lasting workflows is a skill that requires foresight, experience, and understanding of employer/employee/consumer relations. Because it is an essential tool for standardizing processes and procedures, do not be afraid to reach out if your business is in need of assistance. Getting all of your employees on the same page takes the guess work—and human error—out of the equation.

Make your own workflows by using free flow chart software. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a time to talk about your business’ needs, feel free to contact us.

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