Starting a marketing campaign without defining a business’ target audience can be like sending a boat off without any navigation tools.


Your audience can determine the success of your business, so make sure your business is targeting the right people. How do you determine the ‘right’ people? Follow our tips below!


You may have already established a target audience during your branding phase, but is it still effective? If your business isn’t currently reaching as many people as you had hoped, it may be time to challenge your research. Start from scratch and question previous decisions. Research demographics and shift your perspective to ensure that you are still marketing to the optimal audience. You may need to make some adjustments; a different age range, income level, or gender.


After defining specific demographics, gain valuable perspective by conducting interviews with your target demographic. Select people who are in need of services or products that your company provides. Ask questions regarding their tasks, needs, wants, ideal situations, and what the market is currently lacking. Once you have interviewed enough people (depending on the size of the company), move on to creating a persona for your ideal audience. Invent 2-3 people by finding a stock photo, choosing a name, occupation, income level, needs, family life, and wants. Compile all information on a sheet and hang it up in your work area. This provides a constant reminder to view marketing campaigns from your audience’s perspective.


Identify your audience’s problems, needs, reputation, and what sets off their bs detector. Are you a trustworthy company? Do you provide a product or service that the industry is lacking? How can others benefit from your product or service? Are you an honest company? Do you site reputable information? Ask yourself questions that define if you are a well-rounded, reliable business. Your business may be able to successfully reach your audience, but they will only invest in your business if they believe that you are a worthwhile and stand-up company. Be genuine and transparent in all of your campaigns and your audience will return.

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