Turn Workflow into Custom Software

System integrations provide an affordable alternative to purchasing project, product, and employee management software.


By definition, systems integration is a “process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components as one large system.” Sounds pretty self-explanatory, but what does it mean for your business? When creating a customized workflow for your business, you will most likely use several different software to accomplish your goal. For example: let’s say you created a workflow to determine how your retail employees will be paid on commission. Your employees begin by logging into a time-clock software, then tracking their sales and commission on a different software. They submit their time and sales to the accountant, who then uses a different software to manage funds and payroll. Communication throughout this workflow is mostly likely done through email, another disconnected software.


What if you could simplify workflow, employee logins, and the amount of software subscriptions paid? Systems integrators connect a variety of software under one umbrella to create a customized workflow structure. A single platform, such as Podio, is chosen to host all interactions and is used as a base to connect other software, such as Quickbooks. With a platform like Podio, users can manage time, products, clients, and communicate all in the same workspace.

By bringing all software in under one roof, human error, technical bugs, and learning curve are all minimized. Employees will only have to learn one platform to take their workflow from start to finish. From a management standpoint, managers can view dashboards of employee stats without the aid of complicated spreadsheet software. Managers can see product manufacturing or sales leads from start to finish in one simplified, customizable page.

If you are struggling to find the management software that is perfectly tailored for your business, or if you are using more than one management software, it may be time to look into customized workflow restructuring and systems integration. Contact us today!

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